Simple Salad Dressing

I stopped eating Renee’s Mighty Caesar Salad Dressing with my spinach salads a few months ago.  I was left bewildered about what salad dressing to use that was dairy free.  My brother’s girlfriend shared with me her tasty balsamic dressing.  I don’t love balsamic dressing so it was a fill in until I could find something else.  Then it happened.  The perfect salad dressing found me, all the way in the Dominican.

The buffet at the resort had an assortment of salad dressings, vinegars and oils.  I tried pure balsamic dressing… once again okay.  I tried a vinegar & oil plus mixed herbs dressing….better but not loving it.  Then I gave up and tried just olive oil.  Literally, just olive oil.  Seemed too plain to love but…. I loved it!

I have since refined the olive oil dressing by adding the secret ingredients.

Salt & Pepper!!!  Who would have thought!
I love it!
The recipe is easy.
Extra virgin olive oil drizzled all over the salad and then sprinkle salt & pepper and mix.



P.S. I have BIG news to tell you!  But I’m going to wait until next week to share it.


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