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Keto Hemp Seed Chocolate Bark

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I have a secret to tell you.I don’t know if maybe I should be ashamed or shouting for joy.I like hemp.GASP!Now I feel so much better.No, I’m not a hippie. I don’t smoke mary janes.How in the world did I, a very good natured girl discover hemp?It’s not one of those items you would normally set yourself out to go find.
I was Christmas shopping at Winners (a large Canadian department store that sells brand name clothes and items at low prices) and I was briskly walking through each and every aisle.I should restate that.I was shoving and pushing through every aisle since it was a few days before Christmas.I looked high and low through cosmetic shelves, gift idea shelves; any shelf that looked like it had a possible gift for my large family.
Behold I came to the gourmet cooking & baking section.There it was “TOASTED HEMP SEEDS with salt and kelp – perfect for a snack”.Hmmmm I can eat hemp???Was Winners aware they were selling hemp?The back of the package bragged amount it being HIGH in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, low in carbs etc.
I reasoned; I like trying new stuff.I finished my shopping.I went to the checkout register.If you ever find yourself buying hemp beware you will get lots of hysterical laughs and crazy stares from the cashier!Just remind them you are buying an item considered a superfood.
The toasted hemp seeds tasted great.They are crunchy, light and salty.I didn’t taste the kelp at all.I love making chocolate bark out of coconut oil.I thought I would make a sweet and salty version!

Keto Hemp Seed Chocolate Bark Recipe

·2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
·1 tablespoon of Splenda or another sweetener (adjust sweetener to preference)
·2 tablespoon of toasted hemp seeds
1.Use a flat, long Tupperware dish that is microwave safe.
2.Melt the coconut oil in the Tupperware dish in the microwave.
3.Stir in cocoa and sweetener.
4.Stir in the hemp seeds.
5.Put the mixture in the freezer.
6.When it is completely frozen, about 15 minutes, break the chocolate into smaller pieces and enjoy!
7.Keep the chocolate stored in the freezer.

Keto Hemp Seed Chocolate Bark

You can modify this recipe many ways by taking out the hemp seeds and adding:
·Peanut butter
·Mint flavouring (a favourite of mine)
·Whip in some whipped cream for an “airy” chocolate.Tastes like an Aero chocolate bar.
·Whole or sliced almonds
Enjoy your snack!

Nutritional Facts per serving
Based on fatsecret.com
1 batch of Chocolate Bark = Fat 57.48g, Net Carbs 5.26g, Protein 2.12g, Calories 535
*This does not include toasted hemps.I could not find the nutritional information in fatsecret.com.Click on this link for the toasted hemp seed nutritional information based on 100 grams.
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