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Welcome to Ditch the Wheat! Before you view the recipe I need to make sure you are aware of this. I hear it all the time... You're asking me to give up bread... Even my type 2 diabetic neighbour refuses to give up bread... There's so many reasons to ditch the bread: - gluten - GMO wheat - simple carbs (that cause weight gain) BUT it's so comforting to bite into a soft piece of bread smeared with butter. What if I told you there's bread you can eat that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--

I started my low carb journey a week before Christmas.  I was sitting in my doctor’s office and he told me for the third time to start losing weight.  This time was different.  I explained to him once again that I had tried and I was exercising.  I was eating whole wheat wraps instead of regular bread.  I thought what more could he ask for?  He finally exclaimed “ditch the wheat”.  I’m Carol, and that week I committed myself to a low carb diet.  I focused on eating 80% low carb during the holidays and 100% after Jan 1st, 2011.  I followed the Atkins diet.  I lost thirty pounds.  Yes, as crazy as it sounds I started a diet during the holidays and I actually enjoyed it! 

I wanted to start a blog for while, mainly to share low carb recipes.  Honestly, I’ve become obsessed with low carb recipes.  It saddens me when someone posts on a low carb forum that they cheated.  They fall victim to the deliciousness of a chocolate bar or a piece of cake.  If only they knew you can make a fluffy, moist, TASTY cake, and eat it without cheating on your diet.  As surprising as it might seem food can taste great without wheat and sugar.  The majority of recipes will use almond flour, coconut flour and a sweetener.  I want to use this blog as a platform show you how to cook and bake gluten free & low carb.  You won’t regret it!

Come join me in this culinary adventure.

PSssTTTT ~ I also want you to know about the KETO Bread Cookbook. You can eat bread that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--


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