Is Orange Juice Gluten Free?

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Is there gluten in orange juice?

Orange juice is a popular drink that is delicious and refreshing beverage that is full of essential vitamins and minerals that can help keep us healthy. But is orange juice gluten free?  

Is Orange Juice Gluten Free

What is Orange Juice?

Orange juice is a liquid made from the pulp of oranges. It is often served with breakfast. It is also used in a variety of recipes, including sauces, marinades, popsicles, and cocktails. 

Who doesn’t love freshly squeezed orange juice?

Is Orange Juice Gluten Free

Orange Juice Ingredients

The main ingredient of traditional orange juice is oranges. Depending on the type, it may also contain other ingredients such as sugar, water, food dyes, and preservatives. 

Is Orange Juice Gluten Free

How is Orange Juice Made?

Orange juice is made by squeezing the juice from oranges. The juice is then filtered, pasteurized, and packaged for sale.

Depending on the type, additional ingredients may be added before packaging. 

Is Orange Juice Gluten Free

Is Orange Juice Gluten Free?

Yes, traditional orange juice is gluten free. The only ingredients in traditional orange juice are oranges, water, and sugar. None of these contain gluten. 

You do not need to buy gluten free orange juice since it is naturally gluten free. But since there is always a chance of cross-contamination depending on manufacturing practices, always read the ingredient label to be 100% sure it does not contain gluten.

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