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Monica Bravo From Bravo For Paleo Shares Her Story

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Today, Monica from Bravo For Paleo shares her story about how she came to find the Paleo lifestyle.  Monica is a college student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Anthropology and Business.  She is planning on becoming a doctor who uses holistic medicine to treat her patients.  She feels “food can be the most powerful form of healing.”  I feel a lot of young women can relate to the struggles she faced.  Please read her story below.

Monica Bravo from Bravo For Paleo

Monica Bravo from Bravo For Paleo

Hello readers of Ditch the Wheat, my name is Monica Bravo. I write my own blog called Bravo For Paleo, and today I am honored to be sharing my Paleo journey with you.  It all started in high school when my goal was to be thin. I was calorie-obsessed, to the point that the scale determined my mood for the day.  As a type A personality I thought this was normal and healthy.  Unfortunately I was always hungry and never satisfied with my body.  At the time, ballet was my passion and being in a leotard in front of a mirror two hours a day definitely affected me.

My turning point was two years ago when a traumatic health scare occurred in my family.  My father, a former triathlete, was found to have blockages to his heart, and was in need of stents and a pacemaker.  Everyone looked at him as the picture of health, and yet here he was… diagnosed with heart disease.  My dad questioned it all,  what could he have done wrong?  His parents were thriving in their 80s, he had been extremely active his whole life, and ate fairly well. But is eating “healthy” enough? And what is the definition of healthy?  After tons of research and reading, he found the answer, the Paleo Diet.

Monica Bravo and her father

Monica Bravo and her father

He learned that the food we eat can cause inflammation, which causes disease and sickness.  This info and knowledge changed everything.  Now my dad could prevent further plaque from forming in his body.  He could use food as medicine.  My dad and I both found enormous success eating this way.  Better energy, sleep, skin improvement, less sickness, and of course weight loss was just a plus!  My new relationship with food made a 360.  Instead of counting calories, I counted all the new veggies I’d try.  Instead of obsessing with a scale, I saw how amazing I could feel and look if I just ditched the wheat!

Now my passion is to help change as many lives as I can by helping them change their diet.  We’re all busy, I understand; many people don’t have the time to learn what’s healthy and what’s not, so I keep it simple and straight to the point.  As a sophomore in college, I try to make my recipes fun, easy, and realistic. 

Honestly, those are the characteristics that I’m sure describe every college student’s life.  Your health and dietary choices shouldn’t be as difficult as that Organic Chemistry test you’ve been studying all week for, or as stressful as that upcoming Economics final.  Life is all about finding balance and happiness, two of the most prominent things that I have been able to find while on the Paleo Diet.  So I encourage you to take the journey with me!

Monica Bravo


You can connect with Monica on her Facebook page here and read here blog, Bravo For Paleo, found here.

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