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SURPRISE! We’re in Costco again :D

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Welcome to Ditch the Wheat! Before you view the recipe I need to make sure you are aware of this. I hear it all the time... You're asking me to give up bread... Even my type 2 diabetic neighbour refuses to give up bread... There's so many reasons to ditch the bread: - gluten - GMO wheat - simple carbs (that cause weight gain) BUT it's so comforting to bite into a soft piece of bread smeared with butter. What if I told you there's bread you can eat that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--

My friend Nattha with a copy of the Ditch the Wheat cookbook in her local Costco.

My publisher let me know some very exciting news!  The Ditch the Wheat cookbook will be back in USA Costco stores across the nation starting July 17th!!!!

This is a great opportunity for you to pick up the cookbook at a discounted price.

Here’s a special Ditch the Wheat Costco shopping list just for you!  Download here.

I’m going to make this fun by running a giveaway!!!

The prize will be:

Total value of the prize package is $208.15 US

PSssTTTT ~ I also want you to know about the KETO Bread Cookbook. You can eat bread that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--

To be eligible you must take a picture of the Ditch the Wheat cookbook in Costco and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ditchthewheatcostco .  You must include the hashtag so I can find your posts.  You must be a resident of the US.  No purchase necessary.

The giveaway starts July 17th and ends August 17th.  All of your Instagram posts need to be posted within this time frame.  Each time you post to Instagram with an original post it qualifies as an entry.  If you go to Costco 4 times during this time period and take 4 different pictures and post them all it would count as 4 entries.  

I’m so excited to see your posts over the next few weeks!!!

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