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Easy Gluten-Free Charcuterie Platter (Perfect for Entertaining)

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gluten-free-charcuterie platter

Charcuterie is the most effortless gourmet appetizer ever! 

I love to order charcuterie platters at restaurants.  It’s one of my fav apps and if you know ahead of time you’re going to order one you could always bring some gluten-free crostini with you.  I just love the variety or meats and cheeses.  

This is perfect to serve at parties and everyone loves meats and cheeses. This is effortless to make and effortless to make gluten-free 🙂  Let’s keep life easy!

How to Make a Gluten-Free Charcuterie Platter

Depending on your budget either go with a variety of cold cuts from the deli like:

Black Forest Ham, Roasted Chicken etc.  Whatever you like!

I like to use the fancier meats so I always pick:

Prosciutto, salami (the one in the photo is salami with truffles), coppa ham, and right now our family is loving spicy calabrese style salami.  

Add Your Cheeses!

It’s nice to offer a variety of textures of cheese, like extra soft cheese such as goat cheese, soft cheese like brie, and then a hard cheese.

We love brie.  Now you can also get goat’s milk brie if you can’t consume cow’s milk.

Lately, I have been purchasing European cheese from my grocery store because the ingredients show it is made with raw milk.  It tastes divine!

Be aware that you might want to stay away from using blue cheese.  If you do a google search there’s a lot of articles that say traditional blue cheese is made in a bread mold but regular blue cheese that you can buy in your grocery store is most likely not made the traditional way.

Add Something Sweet

You can add some raw honey to drizzle on the cheese.

Here’s some more ideas:

Grapes, apple slices, dried fruit, fig jam to drizzle on the cheese.

Add Something Salty

Add some foods like olives, peppers packed in oil, anything you love!

I like buying the stuffed olives.  My dad loves the cream cheese stuffed hot peppers.

For Variety

You can add some nuts like almonds, walnuts… once again anything you like!

If you are feeling fancy add some pâté.

For the Crostini purchase either gluten-free crostini or gluten-free crackers or skip it all together.

The crackers in the picture is actually a recipe of mine and I will be sharing it with you at a later date 🙂




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