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Dairy Free Whipped Cream

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This recipe is great for anyone who is trying to consume less dairy or has a dairy allergy.  I often replace coconut milk for heavy cream in my own recipes.  Coconut milk has so many uses.  I have shown before that it can be used to make caramel sauce (my current obsession:D).  You can make cream cheese and even yogurt from coconut milk.
I’m going to walk you through a tutorial for making whipped cream from a can of coconut milk. 
·         1 can of Aroy-D full fat coconut milk
·         ½-1 tbsp of vanilla extract (taste for your preference)
·         1 ½ tbsp of Xylitol or sweetener of choice


Nutritional information and the last picture shows how much coconut water was left in the can.


1.    Put can of coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours.  Often I just leave a couple of cans in the fridge at all times.
2.    After a few hours have passed open the can of coconut milk.  Scoop the cream that has risen to the top into a mixing bowl.  No matter how tempting it is to include some of the coconut water at the bottom DON’T!!!! 
What the cold coconut cream looks like.


3.    Add ½ tbsp of vanilla and 1 tbsp of xylitol (a liquid sweetener would be preferred) – add some more after you have mixed it and taste tested it.


The scooped out cream with sweetener and vanilla added.


4.     Mix on the whipping cream setting until smooth.


The final product


5.    Some liquid might separate.  Just pour the liquid out.
6.    Keep stored in the fridge.
7.    Note – some liquid separates when the whipped cream has been sitting at room temperature.  When this happens, take a spoon and mix it again.
Use the whipping cream for a dip for fruit, or a topping on a dessert.

Dairy Free Whipped Cream

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