17 Easy Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For Kids

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Gluten Free Lunch for Kids

School lunches need to be tasty even if they’re gluten free. We have 17 amazing gluten free lunch ideas for kids for you to try out.

Finding delicious and nutritious lunch ideas for kids can be a challenge, especially when they have dietary restrictions.

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For Kids. 4 lunch boxes filled with food.

For children with gluten sensitivities or allergies, it’s important to ensure their lunches are not only gluten free but also tasty enough to keep them excited about mealtime.

We have compiled a list of creative and tasty gluten free lunch ideas for kids that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters while keeping their dietary needs in mind.

Gluten free lunch ideas for kids. A group of kids are standing outside with rubber boots.

Gluten Free Kids Lunch

When we created this list we decided to stay away from sandwiches because you can make any sandwich gluten free by using your favorite gluten free bread.

This gluten free kids lunch list is full of main lunch ideas. We have a second list below for gluten free lunch sides to serve with the lunch.

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For Kids - 2 lunch boxes with hardboiled eggs, cucumbers, cottage cheese, berries, and almonds.

Kids Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

  1. Turkey and cheese roll-ups with gluten free tortilla wraps.
  2. Homemade or storebought gluten free chicken nuggets or strips with a dipping sauce.
  3. Grilled chicken strips with BBQ sauce to dip them in.
  4. BLT chicken lettuce wrap or use a gluten free tortilla.
  5. Gluten free mini pizzas made a gluten free english muffin, or a gluten free pita. I also have a mini pizza recipe using almond flour.
  6. Gluten free macaroni and cheese.
Gluten free corn dog muffins - a plate of corn dog muffins
  1. Mini gluten free corn dog muffins served with ketchup to dip them into.
  2. DIY Lunchables: Gluten free crackers with cheese, sliced sausage like kielbasa, chorizo, etc, and veggies with ranch dip.
  3. Burrito made with a gluten free tortilla and stuffed with beans, rice, and chicken or beef.
  4. Kebabs made with lunch meat, cheese, veggies like (cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, mushrooms, red peppers, etc.).
  5. A sandwich made with chaffles instead of gluten free bread.
  6. Boiled eggs or deviled eggs with some healthy sides.

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For Kids - A lunch box filled with hot dog spiders, broccoli, and berries.
  1. Cooked hot dogs cut into spiders or sliced in chunks with a dipping sauce like ketchup.
  2. Chicken meatballs with a dipping sauce like bbq sauce.
  3. Pizza bagels made using gluten free bagels.
  4. Chicken and cheese quesadilla made with a gluten free tortilla and served with some salsa to dip it into.
  5. Breakfast for lunch: Gluten free pancakes, baked egg bites, breakfast sausage.

Primal Kitchen creates gluten free condiments with clean ingredients that will make great dipping sauces for kids.

Also read: What Condiments Have Gluten

Gluten free lunch ideas for kids. 3 containers with snacks.

Gluten Free Lunch Side Ideas

  1. Yogurt or Greek yogurt
  2. Cottage cheese with some jam or fresh fruit to sweeten it
  3. Cheese (sliced, cubed, etc.)
  4. String cheese
  5. Sliced veggies (carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, etc.) and ranch dip or hummus
Gluten free lunch ideas for kids. Containers filled with yogurt.
  1. Carrot sticks and ranch dip, guacamole, or hummus
  2. Gluten free crackers
  3. Nuts (if they are allowed in your child’s school)
  4. Sliced apples with nut butter
  5. Mandarin oranges
  6. Grapes
  7. Sliced strawberries
Gluten free lunch ideas for kids. A container filled with fresh fruit.
  1. Sliced pineapple
  2. Sliced kiwi
  3. Fresh blueberries, raspberries, etc.
  4. Nut free granola
  5. Seaweed snacks
  6. Meat sticks
  7. Energy bites
  8. Chia seed pudding
Glutem free lunch ideas for kids. A container of chia seed pudding wit fresh fruit.

Gluten Free Grain Lunch Box Ideas

If your school requires grains to be included in your kid’s lunches, try these fun ideas using gluten free grains.

  • A little side of rice (Mexican rice, leftover fried rice, sushi rice, etc.)
  • Quinoa salad
  • Mexican street-style corn salad (corn is a grain) – if you’re feeling ambitious
  • Boiled corn (I’m thinking frozen corn that my parents fed us growing up)
Gluten free lunch ideas for kids. A container with salsa and tortilla chips.
  • Tortilla chips and salsa
  • Something made with gluten free certified oats: granola bars, granola, baked oats, etc (could be oat flour too)
  • Anything made with buckwheat
  • Anything made with rice flour
  • A rice cake with nut butter spread on it

My digital cookbook, The Grain Free Snacker, is filled with kid-friendly snack ideas. Give it a try. It’s gluten free, grain free, and dairy free.

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