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Low Carb Zucchini Ripieni (GF) – Guest Post by Jessica Hose

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Today we are honoured with Jessica Hose as our guest.  Jessica is the hardest working blogger I know.  Not only does she run her blog, Oh Cake, work as a professional chef but she also founded the Food Bloggers Network on Facebook.  If you are a food blogger be sure to check it out for helpful advice and networking opportunities.  Throughout her blog you will see her passion for food. 
Hello! I’m Jessica from Oh Cakeand I’m very pleased to be guest posting for Carol today. If you are a regular reader of Ditch The Wheat then you are probably already well versed in how to make delicious gluten-free and low-carb meals. If you clicked through from Oh Cake, however, you might be a little stumped when it comes to preparing something a little different from the norm. After all, I’m the kind of chef that cooks (and eats!) whatever I feel like, from soup to nuts
But cooking low-carb or gluten-free shouldn’t cause panic in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for friends and family or just want to try something new I hope you’ll enjoy this gluten-free recipe and while you’re here spend some time looking through all the other delicious options on Ditch the Wheat. 
When I lived in Italy I often ate dinner at a friend’s parents’ house. His mother, Mariella, only had the confidence to make about ten dishes and she cycled through them every two weeks. She was convinced she was a terrible cook (not true!) and so she had perfected these few dishes. One of my favorites was zucchini ripieni (stuffed zucchini) made with a ground pork stuffing. I would pepper Mariella with questions about how she made her delicious stuffed zucchini but aside from saying that the filling was pork and the scooped out zucchini was added back to the stuffing she wouldn’t tell me how she made them because she was convinced they weren’t really any good.
They are fantastic! Here is my interpretation of Mariella’s recipe, lightened up by using turkey in addition to pork and beef, and without any bread crumbs (which were common in Mariella’s Italian kitchen).

Zucchini Ripieni ~ serves 4
4 medium zucchini (approximately 6 oz each)
6 oz lean ground turkey
3 oz ground pork
3 oz lean ground beef
1/2 cup onion, finely diced
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon thyme
Salt & pepper, to taste


Leftover filling
1/2 cup roasted red peppers, diced
1/2 cup onions, diced
1 cup tomato sauce
salt & pepper, to taste
Preheat oven to 375º F.
Use a small melon baller to gently hollow out the insides of the zucchini. You can cut each zucchini in half if that makes it easier. Reserve scooped out zucchini. 
Finely dice reserved zucchini. In a large bowl combine ground meats, herbs, finely diced onion and the finely diced zucchini. Mix well. Stuff into hollowed out zucchini shells making sure to press filling all the way into hollowed out space. 
Bake at 375º F while you make the sauce (about twenty minutes).
Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a large skillet. Add onions and any leftover filling. Brown meat, breaking up any large pieces. Add roasted red peppers and tomato sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Spoon about a quarter of sauce over zucchini and continue baking until zucchini are tender when pierced with the tip of a knife and filling reaches an internal temperature of 165º F – approximately 45 minutes to an hour total time.
To serve: spoon sauce onto plate and top with one serving of zucchini. Top with grated parmesan cheese, if desired. 
Follow Jessica’s adventures in cooking on her blog, Oh Cake.

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2 Responses to Low Carb Zucchini Ripieni (GF) – Guest Post by Jessica Hose

  1. Kim Bee May 6 at 5:18 am #

    I love this recipe. It's so unique. Huge fan of Jessica's. Nice to find a new blog to read.

  2. Tam Linsey May 6 at 3:51 pm #

    I need new zucchini recipes, and the fact this one is gluten free makes it perfect! Thank you for sharing, and the lovely pictures. I have some zucchini in the fridge waiting to be stuffed right now!