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GIVEAWAY: Radiant Life Gift Certificate –$100 Value

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Welcome to Ditch the Wheat! Before you view the recipe I need to make sure you are aware of this. I hear it all the time... You're asking me to give up bread... Even my type 2 diabetic neighbour refuses to give up bread... There's so many reasons to ditch the bread: - gluten - GMO wheat - simple carbs (that cause weight gain) BUT it's so comforting to bite into a soft piece of bread smeared with butter. What if I told you there's bread you can eat that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--
Radiant Life

Radiant Life

PSssTTTT ~ I also want you to know about the KETO Bread Cookbook. You can eat bread that is Paleo and Keto friendly. --> CLICK HERE <--

GIVEAWAY: Radiant Life Gift Certificate –$100 Value

After changing to a paleo lifestyle I also changed my views on supplements I was taking, how I was detoxing, the quality of the water I was drinking and so much more.  This usually means you won’t be able to find the higher quality products at your regular neighbourhood store.  I’m living in Toronto now and I’m still running into this issue.  Radiant Life is known for offering the highest quality supplies you need for your lifestyle.  When I first joined my network, Village Green Network, I heard over and over again by health focused bloggers praising Radiant Life as the source for high quality probiotics, fermented cod liver oil, water purifiers and much more.  All of these things that I have slowly been adopting in my lifestyle and now I had a source to purchase them all in one place.  Radiant Life is a one stop shop for your radiant body.

Why I Love Radiant Life

  • The company is based on the works of Dr. Weston A. Price (WAPF) & learning from our ancestors
  • They have a commitment to offer you the highest quality products to empower your life
  • They’re not into fads instead they are into traditional methods that have been proven over time
  • Radiant Life products range from kitchen appliances to supplements to earthing products

Want to Win?

Radiant Life is giving away a $100 gift certificate. The gift certificate has no expiration date, is transferrable and can be used for any Radiant Life Product.

How To Enter

1.  Click on the link below to sign up for the Radiant Life newsletter on their site.

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2.  Verify your entry using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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This giveaway is open to participants everyone (global) and will end Jan 10, 2014 at midnight Eastern time. The winner will be chosen via The winner will be announced Jan 13, 2014 on my blog.  Winner will have 48 hours to contact me at ditchthewheat[at]gmail[dot]com with his or her full name, address, and phone number.  No purchase necessary to win.

This giveaway was paid for by Radiant Life.


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