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“Apple” Fries

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***I no longer use xylitol or Splenda. Please keep in mind xylitol is poisonous to dogs. I would suggest you use a natural sweetener like organic cane sugar. 
I finally found the elusive jicama!!!  I have been on a treasure hunt for at least six months.  One of the Atkins forums I belong to was all abuzz a few days ago about jicama.  I was so excited when I walked into Loblaws and found it!  I was looking for kale and walked by the potato/onion section and there it was!  I was a little disappointed.  I thought it would be more “exotic” looking.  It is called the Mexican potato.  It looks like a colourless turnip.
Since the beginning I thought once I find this treasure I would try to make French fries with it.  Jicama is known to take on the taste of apples and potatoes.   I cut into it and it tasted just like an apple.  You could eat it raw and sprinkle the cinnamon and sweetener on it.  I wanted to try French fries.  I baked my cutup jicama like fries.  When they were crispy enough I took it out of the oven and sprinkled salt on a few pieces.  It tasted ok.  But I thought salted fries that taste like apples was not for me.  I saw it as an opportunity and played up the already sweet flavour with cinnamon and sweetener and I was addicted!  I gobbled up the whole serving in 5 minutes!
On another note I created a facebook page.  There is a box on the right of the screen if you would like to “like” the pageJ  I started a Youtube account, DitchTheWheat.  I am gathering my favourite health videos and putting them into one place so it will be easy for you to click on the social media button for Youtube (on the right of the screen) and find the videos without searching.  A good portion of the videos will be from the Atkins Diet Geek, Kent Altena.  His videos are just amazing and informative.  Most of the videos featured will follow these themes:
·         Low carb
·         Gluten free
·         Paleo
·         Atkins
·         Eating healthy on a budget
·         Exercise
·         Science behind this lifestyle – vitamins, the way the body works etc
The greatest news!  I bought my domain name.  This site’s address will become instead of  I will make the official switch February 4th, 2012.  I will be posting reminders of that throughout the week.

“Apple” Fries Recipe

·         1 cup of jicama (about ½ of a medium sized jicama)
·         1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
·         ¼ tsp of cinnamon
·         ¼ tsp of sweetener (I used xylitol)
1.    Cut the jicama in half (if you are making 1 serving – or use the whole jicama for 2 servings).
2.    Peel the outer layer of the jicama.
3.    Slice the jicama into fries the size of shoe string fries.  Very thin fries.
4.    Coat the fries in oil.
5.    Bake in oven at 450 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
6.    The fries are done when they are slightly crispy.
7.    Sprinkle cinnamon and sweetener on the fries.
8.    Enjoy!
This recipe makes one serving of “Apple” Fries.
Nutritional Facts per serving
Based on
1 serving = Fat 13.64, Net Carbs 5.23, Protein 0.96, Calories 172

4 Responses to “Apple” Fries

  1. Liam @ Is Butter a Carb? January 28 at 6:19 pm #

    These look delicious but I have never heard of Jicama and I probably wont' be able to find it anywhere seeing as my local supermarket doesn't even have pomegranates. Great post though 🙂

  2. Ditch The Wheat January 28 at 6:50 pm #

    I feel your pain! It took me six months just to find it.

  3. Whitvia March 14 at 2:55 am #

    nice recipe