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Dairy Free Fudgy Popsicles (Low Carb)

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Welcome to the new site!  The transition was expected to be smooth and effortless…. This is exactly the opposite of what it was!  Thank goodness I had my IT friend, Justin, around to help with all the problems.   A big thank you to Sofie of the blog, German Foodie, and the Food Bloggers Network, run by Jessica Hose of Oh Cake.  I really needed a lot of help and all these people came to my rescue.  Thank you my amazing readers, for all your patience.  There are still some pages that need to be made and links that need to be connected.  I feel like a computer expert now with my entire new lingo, like DNS, EPP…   I had a lot of downtime too.  I experienced bouts where I was blocked from accessing the dashboard for WordPress.  It’s been quite a week!

Right now Ontario is experiencing high humidity.  To top it off the air conditioner broke at work!  All I can think about is cold treats.  Avocado, which is a favourite of mine, is widely used in the dairy free community to replace cream in recipes.  Avocado mixed with chocolate and frozen resulted in a very delicious fudgy popsicle.  Perfect for a day like this!

Dairy Free Fudgy Popsicles

Author: Carol Lovett
Recipe type: Dessert
  1. Mix all the ingredients in a small food processor.
  2. Mix until smooth.
  3. Taste test for desired chocolate flavour and sweetness. Add more if desired.
  4. Spoon the mixture into a popsicle mold.
  5. Eat when frozen!
Quantity will be dependent on the size of the popsicle mold.

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6 Responses to Dairy Free Fudgy Popsicles (Low Carb)

  1. susiet. June 27 at 8:36 pm #

    Hey girl. Congrats on the beautiful site! WTG! Yummy looking pops!!! Wooot!

    • CAROLditchthewheat June 27 at 11:35 pm #

      Thanks Susie!!!

  2. Karen @Living Low Carb June 29 at 6:40 pm #

    Looks great! This inspired me to freeze my leftover chocolate almond pudding into popsicles. So good!

    • CAROLditchthewheat June 29 at 10:08 pm #

      I still in awe of the photograph you took of that pudding! Your skills are growing by leaps and bounds. You better be entering photography sites like foodgawker!

      • Karen @Living Low Carb June 30 at 1:39 pm #

        Thank you so much! I’ve definitely been I finally had a few of my photos accepted at foodgawker!


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