Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

coconut flour cookie chocolate chip banana cookie

I’ve tried repeatedly in the past to make a coconut flour cookie I loved but I usually ended up with something too dry and not worthy of sharing.  Well, I really love this cookie!  I have made batch after batch until I got it just right.  The problem with coconut flour cookies is that coconut flour needs a lot of eggs or some kind of liquid.  I found the large amount of eggs and lack of proper cookie texture hard to develop a coconut flour cookie recipe.  Bananas act as an egg replacer in many recipes which ended up being my secret weapon in this recipe.  Banana also eliminated the need for an additional sweetener.  By slowly baking these coconut flour chocolate chip banana cookies you get a nice crispy cookie outside with a slight cookie chewiness.

I hope you’ll fall in love with this coconut flour cookie chocolate chip banana cookie as much as I have.  I also feel this recipe would make a good candidate for a chia egg replacer.  If you try to make it with an egg replacer, please let me know the results.

coconut flour cookie chocolate chip banana cookie

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

Yield: Makes 18 medium sized cookies.


  • 1 fresh ripe large banana, (200 grams)
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil, (slightly warmed for easier mixing. Room temperature)
  • 3 tbsp coconut flour, sifted
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • 1/8 -1/4 cup of chocolate chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 F. Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Using a mixing machine combine the banana and the egg. Slowly add the coconut oil (coconut oil must not be hot or it will cook the egg. You just need to the coconut oil slightly warmed enough to mix smoothly). Add the coconut flour, vanilla, cream of tartar, baking soda and sea salt. Mix until smooth. Lastly add the chocolate chips.
  3. Using a spoon, drop 1 inch balls of batter onto the baking tray leaving space between each cookie. Use the back of the spoon to smooth the cookies to a flat cookie shape. *The cookies will not naturally flatten, you must do this manually.
  4. Bake for 40 minutes.


Never tested recipe with a frozen ripe banana.

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  1. says

    Is it really just 3 tbsp of coconut flour, this does not sound like very much so just thought I’d check. Look forward to making these. Thanks for the great recipes you have here, have been looking for some treats for a while now.

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      I’m assuming you have never baked with coconut flour. Yes, the amount is correct. When baking with coconut flour you use very little of it.

  2. kathy says

    40 minutes to bake cookies???? this recipe really looks interesting and i would love to bake them..but 40 minutes to bake cookies? i wanted to make sure this is correct..thank you,

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Yes, they take 40 minutes to bake. You need to slowly bake the banana batter to get a crisp outside. Remember these are not made with regular flour so don’t rely on regular ways of baking for gluten free baked goods.

  3. Tiffany says

    Hi! I love your website :) I know these aren’t low carb, but how could I reduce the sugar from the chocolate chips? Wondering if I could use slivered almonds instead… thank you!

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      You make your own chocolate chips. Use bittersweet baker’s chocolate and add enough sweetener to you liking, melt the chocolate, add the sweetener (I use raw honey), mix and spread on a flat surface then freeze. When frozen, chop into chocolate chip size and bake with them. They store fine. Guess what, these cookies are low carb. 1 large banana is about 31 carbs. This batch makes 18 cookies, which means about 2 carb per cookie. I’d call that low carb. Don’t be afraid of using real food ingredients. Your body recognizes real food, it doesn’t recognize fake food.

      • Tiffany says

        Thank you thank you thank you! I am very new to this (only a few weeks in) and have really enjoyed trying new recipes and actually cooking again. It’s amazing how much better I feel already…

        • CAROLditchthewheat says

          If you’re new to baking gluten free items don’t go crazy baking stuff. Give your body some time to heal. Coconut flour is very high in fiber and can cause digestive issues in people who eat too much of it. Good luck on your journey and it’s awesome to hear you are feeling better!!!

          • Tiffany says

            Right now I’m only experimenting with sweets on the weekends :) Usually I only need a little bit to get me through and over whatever craving I’m having. Thank you for the warning about the coconut flour!

  4. Candance says

    Thank you for sharing this, I have been trying to find a healthier chocolate chip cookie recipe to make. My husband loves to take cookies in is lunch and we have tried so many recipes, it’s not even funny. I can’t wait to try this, I think he is going to love them!

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Thanks. Some people tried it and didn’t like the banana taste so I want to point out if you try it, it is a banana based cookie and will taste like bananas and chocolate chips.

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      No supplement for tartar. If you skip the tartar you will get a different texture. The cream of tartar and baking soda used together is a grain free baking powder. Baking powder usually contains: cream of tartar + baking soda + cornstarch (the cornstarch is used to keep the powder dry when storing). You could try another acid like vinegar or lemon juice to activate the baking soda. I don’t like adding more liquid to a coconut flour baked goods because coconut flour is very sensitive to any extra liquid.

      • Alexis says

        Yeah I was gonna ask the same thing. Cream of tartar isnt allowed on the GAPS diet. I have the book. And cocoa is allowed once digestive issues have gone away.

  5. Diana says

    Awesome recipe!! I add more chocolate chips because my boys love chocolate and it is a HUGE hit at my house! Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe, first coconut flour cookie that isn’t super dry and chalky!

  6. Debbie says

    thank you for this recipe! The cookies were delicious & I did use a frozen (defrosted) ripe banana. They were so yummy my whole family liked them!

  7. Abbey says

    Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been baking with almond flour for a while, and recently decided to try coconut flour because of the price. Unfortunately did not realize it has very different properties, and my usual recipe was barely even damp. Kept adding eggs and coconut oil until it resembled dough, but still came out very, very dry. I’m going to try these when I get home, and hope for better results. Plus banana= Yay!

  8. says

    These are great! Lovely light banana and coconut flavor with the chocolate. Recipe works just as described, especially grateful for the tip to shape the cookie on the pan before baking. Mine came out a bit fluffier than the ones in the photo above, I did keep the temp very low and took them out slightly before 40 mms. I’ve been searching for a gf/df cookie with coconut flour and this hits the mark!

  9. Jamie says

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could replace the banana with something else… perhaps greek yogurt, for a more traditional tasting chocolate chip cookie?

    Thank you!

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      The banana acts as an egg replacer. You would need to use something that can bind the ingredients together.

  10. Donna says

    Hi, I just tried this recipe. Glad others asked my same questions re: amt of flour etc… BUT my batter was quite wet. I did not have to push each cookie down the just spread out a bit on their own. I followed the exact recipe…even measured 200grams of banana. Why is my texture so wet or is it supposed to be wet? They are cooking now. We shall see…. D

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      You have to flatten every cookie. If you don’t flatten them they won’t crisp up in the oven.

  11. Donna says

    Update: Well cookies just came out. Some flat some not. But the texture is like a sponge. Honestly? Is this how they are supposed to be. By the sounds of the description they should have been pretty close to the real thing..considering the alterations. I have just wasted a good deal of ingredients. I should have known better…. not worth it. :-(

  12. CAROLditchthewheat says

    You have to whip the egg whites when making the muffins. If you don’t you won’t get any rise. The cookies are not going to taste like a chocolate chip cookie because it’s made with banana. The flavour would be bananas and chocolate.


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