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SURPRISE! We’re in Costco again :D

My publisher let me know some very exciting news!  The Ditch the Wheat cookbook will be back in USA Costco stores across the nation starting July 17th!!!! This is a great opportunity for you to pick up the cookbook at a discounted price. Here’s a special Ditch the Wheat Costco shopping list just for you!…

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The Ditch the Wheat cookbook is now a Globe & Mail Bestseller!!!!!

Ditch the Wheat Bestseller's List

I have lots of BIG NEWS to share with you!!!!! I am now officially an international bestselling author!!!! On Monday March 21st, Susan, who handles PR for my publisher let me know the Ditch the Wheat cookbook made the Globe & Mail Bestseller’s list!!!!! It was a total shock to me. Thank you Canadians for…

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Paleo Matzo Balls (Potato Kneidlach)

paleo matzo balls

The holidays can be a tough time to eat gluten-free.  Traditional foods suddenly become off limit.  It’s really frustrating!!!  I used to look forward to stuffing on Thanksgiving and all the cookies over Christmas time.  It took me awhile to learn how to make the gluten-free versions.  Now I just buy gluten-free bread to make…

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Today’s Special! The Ditch the Wheat Cookbook releases Today!

Remember that show Today’s Special? Maybe that was only a Canadian t.v. kid’s show???? Anyways it was about a mouse that lives in a mall and the store mannequins come to life at night. Back to the point. Today’s special because my much anticipated first print cookbook, Ditch the Wheat, hits your local bookstore shelves…

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Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have the 3 winners for the exclusive advance copies of the Ditch the Wheat cookbook.  The cookbook releases Feb 23rd, 2016 and you can find it on Amazon here. 1.  @ashleylisa1015 from Instagram 2.  Janet Lund from Facebook 3.  Pam Bastian from Facebook ***I have contacted all of the winners.  Some desserts…

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GIVEAWAY: 3 Advance Copies of My New Cookbook, Ditch the Wheat

I finally have my cookbook, Ditch the Wheat, in my hands!  It feels great after two long years of working on it. The cookbook releases Feb 23rd, 2016 and you can find it on Amazon here.  I can’t wait for all of you start cooking out of it. But Feb 23rd feels like a long…

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GIVEAWAY WINNER: WB Kitchen Snack Package – $52 TOTAL VALUE

A few weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for 2 snack bar prizes from WB Kitchen.  We have 2 winners!!! First prize goes to Amy at 1 st Prize Value $26:  Mixed case of 8 bars/cookies WB Kitchen stickers & buttons   Second prize goes to Ruth at 2nd Prize Value $26:  Mixed case of 8…

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GIVEAWAY: WB Kitchen Snack Package – $52 TOTAL VALUE

WB Kitchen graciously sent me samples of their bars and cookies to try out. They were really good! I am doing a giveaway so you can try them out too! WB Kitchen was founded by Chris Feuille and is operated in Colorado. They produce all their products in house. The popularity of their snacks has caused…

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Things I’m Loving

Things I'm Loving //

I can’t get enough of these things!!!! Chopped ~ I’ve been obsessed with this show and Cutthroat Kitchen comes in a close second.  I feel Chopped has the best judges.  They have the right blend of food snobbery and appreciation for creativity. Tyler Florence’s Instagram Account ~ This man is a culinary genius.  I would…

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Vitamix Giveaway! And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…time to announce the winner! And the winner is….. Nicole Barrett (nbar…… Nicole! Please send an email to caitlin(AT)grassfedgirl(DOT)com with your mailing address within 48 of posting in order to claim your prize.   ***Thank you for entering!…

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GIVEAWAY: Vitamix – $479 Total Value

Each month I try to do a giveaway to thank you for being a fan of my site.  This month I teamed up with friends to bring you a Vitamix giveaway!!!    We are giving away a TurboBlend Two Speed Vitamix valued at $479 (you can read about it on Amazon here).  These Vitamixes are…

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Winner of Giveaway: ClearTea Prize Packages – $166 Total Value

During the month of May I ran a giveaway for three prize packages of ClearTea.  The tea gives you energy and honestly it works.  I’ve been drinking it almost daily since receiving my container of ClearTea.  On days I forget to drink it in the morning I actually notice the difference. How the Giveaways Work…

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