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Popular recipes that are gluten-free, grain-free and/or Paleo on the Ditch the Wheat blog by Carol Lovett.

Brownie Batter Chia Seed Pudding

Remember when you were a kid and you used to lick the batter from the bowl when your mom was baking something?  That was sooo good!  I still lick the batter from the bowl 😛 This Brownie Batter Chia Seed Pudding reminds me sooo much of brownie batter! It’s so easy to make too!  It…

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“Peanut Butter” Balls

I love peanut butter and chocolate. However, peanuts are legumes and the paleo diet encourages you to avoid legumes, so that leaves us with almond butter as an alternative. I prefer almond butter made from roasted almonds with a touch of sea salt. Use your favourite almond butter to make these delicious balls. This is…

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Honeyed Lemon Ginger Bliss Balls – Roaming Free eBook Review

Honeyed Lemon Ginger Bliss Balls

If you love to travel but still want to keep it healthy and gluten-free, then you must download a copy of Lisa Bryan’s new ebook, Roaming Free. This is the ultimate travel guide for dreamers, explorers and seekers alike with 138 pages of expert advice, tips, resources, inspiration and travel-friendly recipes. This book focuses on…

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8 Sneak Peek Recipes from the Ditch the Wheat cookbook!!!

Paleo Bread

When I was done writing the Ditch the Wheat cookbook I thought oh sh** now I have to get word out about my book!!!  I was burned out!  I’m still burned out and saving my pennies for a vacation.  It’s scary to think you’ve spent so much time on a project and now you could…

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Paleo Sandwich Bun Recipe: Sneak Peek Recipe from the Ditch the Wheat Cookbook

Paleo Sandwich Buns

You know that gorgeous bun on the front cover of my new cookbook, Ditch the Wheat!  People have been drooling over it for awhile.  The Paleo Sandwich Bun recipe is a ridiculously easy recipe to make.  You just mix the ingredients together and then pour it into the molds and bake!  I’m going to share it…

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Cilantro Maple Sriracha Chicken Wings: Sneak Peek Recipe from the Ditch the Wheat Cookbook

I make this recipe for Cilantro Maple Sriracha Chicken Wings all the time and then I say to myself, “this is soooooo good!  Must eat more….” This is an exclusive sneak peek recipe is from my new cookbook, Ditch the Wheat, and it’s become a weekly favourite for me.  Plus it’s really easy to throw together.…

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7 Popsicle Recipes with No Added Sugar

No Added Sugar Popsicles Ditch the Wheat

It’s getting hot outside so let’s enjoy some naturally sweet popsicles!  I shared these recipes in my cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker.  They’re easy to make and very yummy!  You can easily play around with any of the fruit purées.  For example, you could switch the strawberry cantaloup popsicles for strawberry mango or peach and berries.…

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Bacon Spinach Dip with Steamed Artichokes (PREVIEW FROM THE GRAIN-FREE SNACKER)

Bacon Spinach Dip

Here’s another sneak peek recipe from my upcoming digital cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker. The cookbook contains a variety of sweet and savoury snacks.  This is one of my favourite savoury appetizers.  I love munching on this on a Friday night while watching a romantic comedy on Netflix. This dip is amazing! I originally planned on…

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Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Cookie Icing (Preview from The Grain-Free Snacker)

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Here’s another sneak peek recipe from my digital cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker.  I adore cupcakes.  This cupcake is made with coconut flour (my favourite grain-free flour). I love using coconut flour as the base of my grain-free cupcakes and muffins.  The texture is amazing if you use the correct ratios. These cupcakes will remind you…

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Chocolate Flourless Cupcakes (Preview from The Grain-Free Snacker)

Flourless Cupcakes

I have the most exciting thing for you ever!!!  I have a sneak peek for you from one of my favourite recipes from The Grain-Free Snacker!!!! I have a microwave flourless chocolate cupcake recipe on the blog that you can make in 1 minute.  People love it, but I often get asked when I am going to…

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Paleo Chicken Tetrazzini

Paleo Chicken Tetrazzini

Happy Valentines Day you lovely Ditch The Wheat’ers! I’m just so thrilled to be here and can’t wait for you to see what I’ve prepared. It’s an extra special recipe just for you! Going wheat-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, or primal is easy. It’s easy and delicious. That is, until you think about how much you…

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25+ Paleo Chocolate Recipes

Paleo Chocolate

I love, love, love chocolate!  I’m guessing you do too?  With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought you might like some paleo/grain-free/primal chocolate recipes to make for the love in your life.  Enjoy and have a great Valentine’s Day! Paleo Chocolate Cake Recipes: Minimally Invasive (originally Elana Pantry’s recipe) – Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread…

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