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Popsicle recipes on the Ditch the Wheat blog.

Orange Creamsicle Probiotic Popsicles

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico fresh juice is sold on every corner. You can literally walk into any little mom and pop restaurant and order orange juice and they will freshly squeeze the oranges right in front of you and serve it to you.  I feel spoiled!  Not only that but a litre of freshly…

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Watermelon Popsicles

Last year, I visited Kensington Market in Toronto and I started to notice people walking around with the prettiest popsicles.  I eventually found the source (a long line up made it so obvious!). I patiently waited in line as I watched person after person walk out of the store with the most amazing popsicles! I…

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7 Popsicle Recipes with No Added Sugar

No Added Sugar Popsicles Ditch the Wheat

It’s getting hot outside so let’s enjoy some naturally sweet popsicles!  I shared these recipes in my cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker.  They’re easy to make and very yummy!  You can easily play around with any of the fruit purées.  For example, you could switch the strawberry cantaloup popsicles for strawberry mango or peach and berries.…

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Mini Nectarine & Ginger Popsicles – Guest Post by Meatified

Mini Nectarine & Ginger Popsicles

I want to introduce you to my friend, Rach, from Meatified!  Isn’t Meatified a cool blog name?  Rach develops grain free meals and snacks and shares them weekly on her blog and Facebook page.  Be sure to checkout both.  Here’s Rach’s divine mini nectarine and ginger popsicles recipe.  I just love the photo so much,…

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Dairy Free Fudgy Popsicles (Low Carb)

Dairy Free Fudgy Popsicles

Welcome to the new site!  The transition was expected to be smooth and effortless…. This is exactly the opposite of what it was!  Thank goodness I had my IT friend, Justin, around to help with all the problems.   A big thank you to Sofie of the blog, German Foodie, and the Food Bloggers Network, run…

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