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Are Your Condiments Gluten-Free?

More and more people are realizing they are sensitive to gluten – you don’t have to have full-blown Celiac or Crohn’s disease to have a bad reaction. While it’s fairly easy to avoid gluten in the usual suspects—bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, and anything labeled ‘wheat’—gluten is tricky and can show up in the most unexpected…

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Easy Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Following a gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult! To help you make your transition into a gluten-free lifestyle as simple as possible, I’m sharing my easy gluten-free dinner ideas with you.   Tip #1: My favourite way to make my life easier is to cook double and freeze half of a recipe to eat at…

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Easy Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Food Swaps

When I started eating gluten-free, I felt completely lost. I felt like I just gave up all my favourite foods like bagels, tortillas, BLT sandwiches…and cookies!!! To help make the transition into a gluten-free lifestyle easier, I’m going to share a few simple swaps that I’ve learned over the years. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself…

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My Number 1 Trick to Relieve Fatigue Fast!

You’re not alone if you are struggling with fatigue. Coffee is popular for a reason, right! While you are working with a nutritionist/holistic doctor etc to get to the root cause of your fatigue try using this very simple technique! Remember when I said I am a certified crystal healer? I use crystals for removing…

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My Digestion Secrets

I have learned a lot about digestion since starting my gluten-free journey in 2010. I used to take digestion for granted, but I learned the hard way you need to use some tricks to keep it optimal. I started to experience a lot of stress. Then, I started to get food sensitivities to everything including…

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How to Eat Gluten-Free at Parties

Don’t let your food allergy or sensitivity change the way you celebrate during the holidays. There are ways to navigate around food at this time of year or at any party, and still have fun and enjoy yourself.  I’m going to show you how to eat gluten-free at parties!!! Whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free,…

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Food Swaps I Have Made Over The Years

Carol Lovett

I wanted to share with you the things in my diet that I have changed that might help you bring peace of mind to your diet.  Often I see friends and people in the Paleo sphere treating Paleo like it’s a food religion.  I used to be there.  First I did that with the Atkins…

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How to Save 25-50% on Your Paleo Baking & Cooking Ingredients

Farmers Market in Nashville

The number one complaint I hear from readers is that eating Paleo is too expensive.  I don’t blame them for thinking that.  I see newbies immediately post pictures of their grocery store haul and it looks a little something like this… Bacon, grass-fed beef burgers, Larabars, Honeyville Almond Flour, pre-chopped fresh organic fruits & vegetables,…

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Is it Safe to go Grain-Free During Pregnancy?

Grain-Free During Pregnancy

One of my specialties is prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes, and I have heard so much controversy on whether or not it’s safe to ditch the wheat (or grains altogether) during pregnancy. 

 Personally, I believe it is (and many times offers benefits) as long as you are eating a real food, nutrient-dense diet. I’m…

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Do you have leaky gut? Take this quiz to find out (+ Giveaway valued at $297)

For this month’s giveaway I was originally going to offer you the same thing as always but instead of giving you the chance to win something pretty for your kitchen I’m going to change your life. I took this leaky gut quiz and it has provided a huge wake up call for me. What would…

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5 Steps to Eliminate Processed Food in Your Diet

Processed Food

Friends, family and fans are always chasing advice on how to cut out processed food from their diet, but feel a bit lost and are not sure where to start. So what I thought I would do is take you through 5 steps that I took to eliminate processed food from my family’s home. The…

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Overcoming Crohn’s Disease: Heather’s Health Story

Crohn's Disease

Here’s a Health Story from a Ditch The Wheat reader.  Each week a reader shares their story in hopes that it will inspire you!  Today Heather is sharing how she overcame her Crohn’s Disease.  If you have a health story and would like to share it with the Ditch The Wheat community please contact me at…

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