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Cinnamon Heart Paleo Cookies with Strawberry Icing

Cinnamon Heart Paleo Cookies

I have given you not one but now two Paleo Valentine’s day dessert recipes because I love you guys so much and thank you for visiting the blog and sharing the recipes.  I made a heart-shaped cookie with a gingerbread like flavour except I increased the cinnamon.  If you don’t like gingerbread just make the…

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Valentine’s Day Paleo Cake Pops

Paleo Cake Pops

Say “I love you” with Valentine’s Day paleo cake pops.  Cake pops are cute.  Paleo cake pops are even cuter.  I wanted in on the trend (or is this trend over?).  I wanted to give you a recipe to make paleo cake pops that didn’t need those (super expensive, use once) cake pop machines.  I…

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