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Product reviews on the Ditch the Wheat blog.

Rootz Workout Drink Giveaway ($109.98 Value)

How much thought do you put into your workouts? If you’re like me I’m too focused on just getting through the workout to think about anything else. What if I told you there was a way to feel more energized going into your workout and a way to feel great afterwards that is good for…

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GIVEAWAY: WB Kitchen Snack Package – $52 TOTAL VALUE

WB Kitchen graciously sent me samples of their bars and cookies to try out. They were really good! I am doing a giveaway so you can try them out too! WB Kitchen was founded by Chris Feuille and is operated in Colorado. They produce all their products in house. The popularity of their snacks has caused…

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The Chicken BLT Unwich + A Giveaway by MightyNest

Chicken BLT

You went grain-free, paleo, real foodie or whatever you want to call it.  You feel great, you’re on a roll and then you go to pack your kid’s lunch for school and you’re like….ummm what’s my kid going to eat??? I have you covered! Introducing the Unwich! The Unwich is basically a sandwich without the…

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Do you have leaky gut? Take this quiz to find out (+ Giveaway valued at $297)

For this month’s giveaway I was originally going to offer you the same thing as always but instead of giving you the chance to win something pretty for your kitchen I’m going to change your life. I took this leaky gut quiz and it has provided a huge wake up call for me. What would…

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Paleo Treats Product Review

Paleo Treats

Disclaimer – This is a non-sponsored review of Paleo Treats.  All opinions expressed are mine.  I received their product free of charge for a review on my blog. Paleo Treats prides itself on using real ingredients and keeping those ingredients to seven items or less.  Their products are sweetened with honey instead of sweeteners.  Paleo…

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