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Pregnancy topics on the Ditch the Wheat blog.

Is it Safe to go Grain-Free During Pregnancy?

Grain-Free During Pregnancy

One of my specialties is prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes, and I have heard so much controversy on whether or not it’s safe to ditch the wheat (or grains altogether) during pregnancy. 

 Personally, I believe it is (and many times offers benefits) as long as you are eating a real food, nutrient-dense diet. I’m…

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Postpartum Depression – Guest Post by Tammi Forcier

Tammi is an amazing woman.  She is a wife and mother. She writes the blog, Momma’s Meals, which combines food and stories of motherhood.  Today she is sharing a brave story that maybe you can relate to or it can help you get through your current struggles in life.  MY JOURNEY I’ve always been a…

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