Indulge: 70 Grain Free Desserts

Can you imagine eating cake again?  It’s quite the hurdle on a grain free diet, isn’t it?

How about pie, doughnuts, or cookies…

Banana Bread, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Mini Blueberry Pies and Lemon Tarts

Banana Bread, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Mini Blueberry Pies and Lemon Tarts

The focus of Indulge, is to bring you recipes made with natural ingredients that cater to individuals on a grain free diet.

Apple Fritters and Danishes

Apple Fritters and Danishes

Grain free diets are part of the movement found within the Paleo diet, Primal diet, Ancestral diet, Real Food Movement and an overall desire to eat gluten free with an emphasis on foods that decrease inflammation.  The ingredients chosen reflect the principles within these diet movements: natural, dairy free, low inflammation and grain free.

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You’re living that grain free diet but you just want to eat some cake!

Grain Free Cake

MmmmmmMMmmm Cake with Caramel Surprise

This e-book is dedicated to you.

Over 70 + recipes that include nut free & egg free recipes

  • 162 pages of content
  • All recipes are dairy free and adhere to Paleo principles
  • Hyperlinked table of contents makes navigating easy
  • Beautiful photographs
  • Trouble shooting tips
  • Bonus! A printer friendly copy

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Is this book a printed book?  No this book is not a traditional printed book.  This cookbook is a digital book which means when you purchase your copy you will be given to a link to download the book.

What gluten free flours does the book contain?  I only use the following gluten free flours: almond flour and coconut flour.

What sweeteners do you use?  I use the following sweeteners in my recipes: raw honey, maple syrup, organic cane sugar and coconut palm sugar.

Is this book appropriate for the GAPS diet?  This book is not appropriate for the first few stages of the GAPS diet.  Some of the recipes use ingredients such as cream of tartar which is not allowed on any levels of the GAPS diet.

I’m allergic to eggs.  Are there egg free recipes?  There are a few recipes that are egg free but the majority of recipes use eggs as the binder.

I have a kindle/iPad, will I be able to view the ebook on my kindle?  The ebook is delivered in a PDF file.  To view the ebook on your kindle/iPad follow these directions: download the ebook to your regular computer.  Then you can transfer the file to your devices.  For Kindle, you can use the “Send to Kindle” app.   This app works on PC or Mac.  The app can send downloaded files to your Kindle app on your Apple device (ie. iPad or iPhone), Android device, or Kindle.  Also the app “iBooks” can be used to download PDF files to your iPad.  For other e-book readers, you’ll have to do it however you normally do for that device. Usually this involves downloading them onto your computer first, then transferring the files via USB or WiFi to your device after they have been downloaded.

About The Author

I’ve been following a real food diet since 2011 when my doctor told me to ditch the wheat! I believe in the healing power of eating real food. Follow me on my adventure.

DISCLOSURE: Not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations is at the choice and risk of the reader. In order for me to support my blogging activities, some links on this site are affiliate links, including affiliate links. I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. This helps cover some of the costs for this site. I appreciate your support! I only endorse products that I use and believe in.

Carol Lovett – who has written posts on Ditch The Wheat.


  1. Angie McGuire says

    I was wondering if this is only in ebook format or if it is in hard copy as well as I would like to order a hard copy?

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Hi Angie,

      The book is only available as an ebook. I will be making it a hard copy in a few months and selling it through Amazon. Thanks for your interest :)

  2. Monica Cruz says

    Hello! I was just wondering what kind of sweeteners do you use. I love the idea of all that yumminess made without grains but… I don’t want refined sugar either… Or cane sugar whatsoever…

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Hi Monica,

      I used raw honey in my recipes. A few (I think 5?) use coconut palm sugar and 2 use organic cane sugar but you can switch it for raw honey.

  3. says

    I have to say all of the pictures make my mouth water and I want some! Question though, I have the unfortunate allergy to coconut flour, are a fair amount of the recipes sans coconut flour?

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      All of the bars use an almond flour base. I give a coconut flour base for the cakes and an almond flour base so you can switch it all to the almond flour if you want. The muffins and cupcakes are all coconut flour but you can use the almond flour cake base and add the flavouring for the cupcake/muffin that you want. The majority of the cookies are almond flour. The caramel recipe uses coconut milk but I have tested it with almond milk and it worked just fine. The chocolate truffle cake (my favourite) is a made from with unsweetened cocoa powder as the base with coconut milk but I think switching it to almond milk would work too (I never tested that variation). Instead of coconut oil use butter.

      • Aliyanna says

        I love coconut anything for cooking…but almonds are a BIG NO!NO!NO! for my kids….is there anything I can sub in? I am making your coffee cake from coconut mama today!

        • CAROLditchthewheat says

          Good to hear about the recipe! All of the cakes can use the coconut flour cake as the base. The cookies are the only thing that cannot be switched for a coconut flour version. You could try using seed butter? The bottom of the bars can use the coconut flour pie crust instead of the almond flour base.

    • Tabitha Teeter says

      That’s a bummer about the coconut. Search for cakes using beans as the secret ingredient or just almond/nut flour. I can think of a couple of bloggers who tend toward the beans as secret ingredient. I use black beans in a chocolate cake or navy beans for a vanilla cake.

      This cookbook sounds awesome. I’m looking for donut pictures. :)

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Hi Carla,

      Most of my recipes require eggs. I do have 3 cookie recipes that don’t need eggs, both the coconut flour pie dough & almond flour pie dough use eggs but I think you could use an egg replacer for those recipes (or use the cranberry cookie dough as a base for pie dough minus the cranberry), there are 6 bar recipes that don’t require eggs, 6 recipes in the treats section don’t require eggs (that would be chocolate candy type things), 2 recipes in the cold treats section is egg free but all the cake/cupcake/muffins rely on eggs and I have never tried an egg replacer when I tested them. Roughly 17 recipes excluding the icing/sauces section is egg free.

  4. Claire Gordon says

    We have an egg allergy. Do many of the recipes call for eggs and if so, do you think an egg substitute would work in them? We currently use a water/flax combo for egg sub. Do you have any other recommendations that would fit your recipes better?


    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Hi Claire,

      See the comment below for a breakdown on the egg free recipes. Roughly 17 recipes excluding the icing/sauces section are egg free.
      I have only used the water/flax combo for an egg sub in a cookie recipe for something outside of this book and it worked great. I think it would work for some of the recipes but it’s hard to say since I never tested egg free on the cakes/muffins/cupcakes/doughnuts.

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Hi Susan,

      Flax is not included in my recipes in the book. I use almond flour/meal, coconut flour, almond butter, arrowroot powder (as a thickener in a few recipes), raw honey, coconut palm sugar, and a few recipes call for coconut milk & almond milk.

  5. Annie says

    Hi just wondering if it requires large amounts of almond flour/meal to make these recipes? I read in the preview that all but one recipe uses almond meal/flour but it is so expensive to buy

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      The recipes that use almond flour/meal are the bars and some cookies. My recipes do not use a ton of almond flour/meal (most use 1 cup). The pie section gives an option for coconut flour or almond meal. The cake section gives you the choice between coconut flour or almonds.

  6. Li Li says

    I do not see anywhere what format the book is. Wondering if it is a PDF or an ePub? I use calibre e book reader which does not support PDF formats, and on my iPad I have goodreader but that does not work well with cookbooks.

  7. Angeline says

    I have this book and I think it is brilliant. I have found that most GF recipes (wherever they come from) need a bit of tweaking for my kitchen, but the more experienced I get, the easier it becomes. I am so pleased to be able to cook something for morning tea with friends that we can all enjoy! GF does not have to mean tasteless, dull and boring. Thank you!

  8. RE says

    I’d like it in a hard copy too!!! I don’t get on my laptop too often with a small baby around and so my iphone is handy during naps ;)

    Wonder if the ebook works on my iphone?

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Right now the ebook is in PDF format. You need to check if your phone can view PDF files. I am working on getting it available in other formats.

  9. Debbie says

    I am also very interested in a hard copy. I know lots of folks are going e-versions these days, but if a person doesn’t have an ipad or something similar, an e-version is impractical in a real life kitchen!

  10. M.C. Whitney says

    I purchased this book a few weeks ago and have been steadily devouring (pun intended) it since. I have several things I’d like to say here.
    1) I initially had some trouble downloading the book as I use a craptastic tablet, but I digress. I contacted the author, Carol, and she responded very quickly and professionally. A few suggestions were offered and when those didn’t pan out she continued to find ways to help me without crankiness or fuss.
    2) Along with her excellent customer service, Carol has some fantastic recipes in here (and by “some” I mean “all of them”). I wanted to try everything all at once and my kids were excited to help me pick (I implore you to try the Meringue Cinnamon Bun Bars) and mix and of course, taste. If you are a serious low-carber and don’t indulge in honey or maple syrup, the recipes are extremely easily adapted to the carb-free sweetener of your choice.
    3) Why are you even reading this one? With the reasons listed above you shouldn’t even be contemplating the purchase of this book. It should be solidified in your mind! So scroll back up there and do it! You’ll be glad you did!

  11. Shannon says

    Hi Carol
    I really enjoy your page an postings on facebook. Do you have any sense when you will be releasing a hard copy of your book? Thanks!

  12. says

    The flourless brownie recipe in this e-book is one of the best chocolate desserts I have ever had. I make it ALL the time now for different events and everyone raves about it! No one can believe it is grain and dairy free. Deliciousness!!!!
    Tamara recently posted..Friday Happy Hour #34My Profile

  13. says

    Does your book give any type of Calorie count etc.??
    As I notice in most Paleo cookbooks, No calories etc. are shown!

    I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong eating a Paleo diet. As I wanted to lose 10 lbs, but in 3 months
    have not lost a pound! I’m also older, if that has anything to do with it!!!
    I eat organic , no sugar, no wheat/grain. eat Organic pastured beef, butter, no dairy..and not much food. I’m not hungry in the morning but force my self to eat a soy free organic egg, then I get
    more hungry, then I leave the house where there is not any food!! My snacks are veggies , fruit..
    Maybe I need more protein???

    Sorry to drag this on, but hopefully someone can figure this out? I never have had a weight problem before in my life..

    Annie recently posted..How to Cook Liver so you Actually Like it!My Profile

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      Sorry, but my book doesn’t include calorie counts. I hope you lose the weight you want to lose.

  14. Anne says

    Hi Carol,
    I love your ebook indulge which I have purchased recently I would dearly love to own your other book. ie. the bundle but I noticed the ‘offer’ has ended. Can you tell me when the special offer will be re-applied?
    Thanks so much,

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      I’m not sure what offer you mean? I only have one book available for sale. I did put a sample of my next book (a snack book) in a very small bundle that was in April. That book is not available for sale until around July/August.

  15. Terri says

    I noticed in the comments that you said many of the recipes use almond (meal/flour/milk)….is there something else I can use in the place of almond? My husband is very allergic to almonds.

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      You can use another nut flour or a seed flour. I only used almond flour for the cookie recipes and the bottom of the bar recipes and for the one pie recipe. Everything else is coconut flour.

      • Terri says

        I’ve tried using flour made from sunflower seeds but it turns everything an intense green colour. So another nut, say walnuts or cashews, could be used and get the same results as almond flour?

  16. Aliyanna says

    Is there a sub for the almond flour? My kids are terribly allergic to almonds..well nuts in general.

    • CAROLditchthewheat says

      The book has a lot of recipes that use coconut flour and it provides a coconut flour versions where it is possible.


  1. [...] I have spent all weekend baking and have produced 8 different afternoon tea foods – muffins, cakes, tarts, brownies and slices, including the custard fruit tarts you see here. The others you won’t see just yet because I am preparing an e-book of afternoon tea foods which are grain, dairy, nut and refined sugar-free. I have a target of 50 recipes, the majority of which you will never see on this blog. I am having such fun doing this but it is damned hard work and the fridge and cake tins end up very full – not that my family are complaining. It is certainly a challenge to create the traditional fare but with no grain, dairy, nuts or refined sugar. It is a learning curve but only the successful recipes will find their way into the book so you can feel confident that if you attempt one of the recipes, it will work. Meanwhile this fruit tart is a sample of what will be in the book. The pie crust has been adapted from the one Carol uses in her book, Indulge, which you can purchase here on her blog. [...]

  2. [...] Tarts always take longer to make than you think they will. First there’s the pastry to prepare and bake and then the filling to prepare and bake. It adds up to ages. And so my family ate late amidst moans and groans about starvation. But the wait was worth it. The pastry is the one I have used for my sweet tarts but I left out the honey. As a shell, it holds together beautifully, even better than ones made with wheat flour and butter. Then I used a delicious filling which I found in a magazine with a few changes. It has a ton of vegetables and salmon for the daily hit of Omega-3. A complete meal in a tart. The pie crust has been adapted from the one Carol uses in her book, Indulge, which you can purchase on her blog, Ditch The Wheat. [...]

  3. [...] Today our guest post comes from Carol Lovett. She is a wonderful baker and queen of the chocolate chip cookie (in my opinion). Carol is a twenty-something young woman living in Ontario, Canada. She started eliminating gluten from her diet in 2011. Now, Carol is known for her baking recipes that feature coconut flour and has formed the popular blog, Ditch The Wheat, and written a grain free dessert cookbook, Indulge. [...]

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