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Work With Me

Here are some ways we can collaborate…

Recipe Development: I live in the kitchen and I love creating innovative recipes that are simple, budget friendly and tasty!  Challenge me with a recipe you need developed for your product.

Here are examples of wacky stuff I make all the time.  I’m bursting with ideas, seriously…

Low Carb Doritos, I figured out how to make them from scratch

Pizza Guts, don’t let the name scare you, this is an awesome meal

Jamaican Patties, I’m known for my wonderful technique for working with coconut flour and this recipe is an excellent example

Food Photography: I love taking photographs of food.  It’s a weird obsession but I love it.  Let me photograph your food in my studio. 

Sponsored Posts, Product Reviews & Giveaways: I want to be up-to-date on all the products you have coming out that you feel the Paleo crowd would love.  Send me your samples and I’ll share my experience with the awesome readers of Ditch The Wheat.  They also love it when you provide extra items for giveaways.

Did you know my background is in Marketing?  If you need a person to take care of your company’s social media needs, brainstorm marketing ideas, write your marketing plans, handle your product launches or whatever you desire let me know and we’ll chat business.

You can send me an email at ditchthewheat @

Be inspired,