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Thoughts on Happiness

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Carol Lovett

I wrote something on my personal FB page I wanted to share with you.

This year I’ve been learning the lesson of happiness.

I always used to tell myself these stories – I’ll be happy when I have my own business, I’ll be happy when I’m with my soulmate, I’ll be happy when….

Then you get some of these things and it becomes I’ll be happy when my business is 6 figures….

It’s like nothing is ever good enough.

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Whenever there is a new movie out I always want to go!  I have been avoiding going to the movie theatre by myself for like 5 years or more. It feels so awkward. Then last night, since I’m in Toronto for a few days, I decided I’m just going to go to the movies and so what if I go by myself. I awkwardly buy my ticket, go out for dinner and get back to the theatre in time. I walked into the VIP theatre and noticed 2/3rd’s of the people are there by themselves!!!

Enjoy living your life in the present 🙂

Most of my friends commented all about going to the theatre by themselves but they missed the point I was trying to make.

I have been putting off so many things I really want to do because I am waiting for a future event to happen that doesn’t exist.

Like having a soulmate to do all the couple things with or you know when you say in your head I’ll feel sexy when I become a ___ size. It’s the same thing, you’re waiting for a future event to happen to create your happiness instead of just allowing yourself to feel happy now.

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