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The Fit It, have you heard?

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I find it inspiring to look at pictures.  Sometimes it is pictures of food (mMMmm), sometimes babies (so cute, I want one), puppies dogs fall into this category too, heroes and finally fitness pictures.  One picture can say 1000 words in one glance.  The image can provoke an action powerful enough to change your life.  I find the images on the site, The Fit It, powerful.

I enjoy fitness for how it empowers me.  I have a healthy attitude towards fitness.  I usually go to the gym about 3 days a week, turn on the food network and start having fun with the balance balls.  Routines can get boring and need switching up.  The Fit It offers so many, like really SO MANY, pictures with 10 minute fitness ideas.  I’ll never need to sign up for a personal trainer.  Thank you The Fit It for saving me hundreds of dollars.

The World’s First & Only Pinning Community for Fitness Enthusiasts

The Fit Its strength is in its “Pinterest” like setting.  It makes fitness resources and concepts available in one location.  Meaning it offers quick reference for my fitness journey.  I can easily see what I need by looking up my board that I “moved” pictures to.

In The Fit It world you call a “pin” a “move.”  Kind of like how fitness makes you move to achieve results.  I’ve been playing around with the site and have setup a quick tutorial on how to use The Fit It.

The Fit It

  1. First you visit the site by clicking on this address:
  2. You enter your account info
  3. Click a few things you like so the site can suggest people to follow
  4. Get the move it button.  You drag the button to the toolbar of your internet browser.  Then you can move my recipe pictures to The Fit It.
  5. You can “like” pictures.  I do that a lot!
  6. Create a board
  7. Browse through The Fit It and “move” pictures to boards
  8. Start sharing the love by “moving” your friend’s pictures to the site

The Fit It might first appear as a Pinterest inspired site but it is moving in the direction of being your one stop place for fitness.  Heather McGraw, the owner of The Fit It let me in on some future additions for the site.  It’s a secret I’ve been allowed to share with you.  In the next few months you will soon see tools and applications, like a calorie tracker.



3 Responses to The Fit It, have you heard?

  1. chris January 11 at 6:50 pm #

    I love getting inspiration from pictures and quotes. What a great idea. I had never heard of this website so thank you for doing a write up. Pictures are so powerful to help us move towards goals. I think too often people discount the power of visualization. Finding other bodies that inspire you is a great way to stay motivated! This will be a great resource to share for our Monday Motivation post.



    • CAROLditchthewheat January 12 at 9:46 pm #


  2. Mitch April 19 at 7:38 pm #

    Oh cool, I am going to go right over there to check it out. I agree, pictures are crucial for motivation. I have a whole wall in my “workout” room covered with magazine pictures and quotes to keep me going!