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The Bad News and the Good News

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So far this week has been an emotional rollercoaster.  I’ll start with the bad news.  My 93 year-old Grandmother lives with us and she awoke early in the morning with chest pains, and a hard time breathing.  When the paramedics arrived at our house and whisked her to emergency I said “good bye, I’ll see you soon.”  Tragedy strikes at unexpected times.  I didn’t realize it would probably be the last time I truly said “good bye.”  She has been in the hospital for over a week.  She is extremely frail.  For a week she has been in a state where she does not recognize me or anyone.  
I ask that you please pray for God’s hand in this situation.
The good news.
I celebrated my 28th birthday this past Monday.  Birthdays are great but not when you are approaching 30!  On the same day I booked my much awaited trip to the Dominican!  I can’t wait for that!!!! 
On to more good news, my blog has gone through a few changes.  I added a separate page called “Comparison Chart,” “Contact,” and “Store”.  The page entitled “Comparison Chart” will be an ongoing work in process.  I have started with typical sweeteners found in a low carb diet and I have compared their net carbs.  There is information on sweetener conversions.  I will eventually add flour, fruit, and nut comparisons.  The “Contact” page is self explanatory.  If you would like to contact me you can e-mail me at the address listed.  Finally, the “Store” page is a collection of books, exercise DVD, and kitchen supplies you might be interested in.  I have to thank my IT consultant, Justin, for getting the store to work on my blog.  I hope you explore all the new pages.
Talk to you soon,
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