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I belong to Village Green Network (VGN).  VGN offers readers like you the ability to source high quality products all in one place.  All of the products have been tested by VGN and are considered reputable, trustworthy brands.

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Real Food and Green Living Resources

Food & Supplements
Beverages Fats & Oils Pet & Livestock Food
Butter Fermented Vegetables Seafood
Cheese Fermented Food Starters Snack Foods
Coconut Products Fruits & Vegetables Supplements & Superfoods
Condiments Meat Sweeteners
Cookies & Bars Soups & Broths Tea & Herbs
Eggs Nuts, Nut Butters & Seeds Yogurt & Kefir
Salt & Spices
Other Resources
Babies & Kids Gardening Supplies & Seeds
Books & Periodicals Kitchen Tools & Appliances
CDs, DVDs & MP3s Menus & Recipes
Classes & Educational Materials Personal Care
Cleaning Products Services
Farm & Homestead Water Purification

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