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I started my journey on the Atkins diet.  Currently, I consider myself a person who strives to eat real food that benefits my body.  My food choices tend to center around what helps keep my Meniere’s disease (vertigo) in check and I have a gluten sensitivity.  I have found that a diet low in salt, no dairy (I eat dairy sparingly), gluten free, and low carb has helped keep vertigo to a minimum.  Since I eat no grains, legumes and dairy I consider myself paleo/primal/ancestral like.

You are here on your own lifestyle journey.  You may be trying to lose weight, feel healthier, dealing with a gluten sensitivity, and/or coping with a disease like Crohn’s disease.  With the changes you are making in your life or may have already made questions will come up.  Here are some links to help educate you or assist you in explaining to others why you have chosen certain food choices.

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Grain Free (the absence of ALL grains not just gluten)

  • Mark’s Daily Apple – Top 8 Most Common Reactions to Your Grain Free Diet (and How to Respond)
  • Wellness Mama – Are Sprouted, Soaked and Fermented Grains Healthy?

Limiting/Avoiding Lectins (Beans…)

Saturated Fat

Why Why Why – Articles on questions & answers