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WAIT… I have to tell you how I lost 9 pounds in 21 days and continue to lose weight after not being about to lose anything for 2 years!

Did you know your liver could be making you fat??? I was shocked!

Dear Friend,

Are you constantly trying diet after diet to lose weight?

Are you even having issues losing weight on the paleo diet?

I hear you!

Your liver could be working against you and making you fat!

Say what!?!?  

If you want easy weight loss and balanced hormones you NEED to address your liver health.

Carol here,

I’m going to be vulnerable and share with you that in the last couple of years I gained a significant amount of weight on the Paleo diet. The exact diet that I lost 30 pounds on and looked amazing.

I felt lost.

Like if I can’t lose weight on a diet eating all real food then how am I ever going to lose the weight I gained.

I hired many people over the last couple of years to help me find a solution.

I didn’t get very far, I spent thousands of dollars, took a lot of supplements and even gained more weight with each practitioner.

Then I met Amanda, my hormone coach. She studied under Dr. Sara Gottfried, the world famous expert in women’s hormones.  Amanda dove in deep and taught me how to detox and support my liver on a daily basis.

I went from struggling to lose weight to effortlessly losing 9 pounds the first 21 days working with her with just a few tweaks to my diet and taking some key supplements.

I said to Amanda, you have to help out my tribe.

I know they’re suffering just like I am with weight that won’t budge.

Amanda is inviting YOU to take her Phase II Course.

You’re going to learn:

  • How your liver could be making you fat and how to change that!

  • How your liver health is giving you allergies! I didn’t even know that was connected!

  • And best of all how to work with your liver to help you balance your hormones.

You need to sign up ASAP so you can start making changes just like I did.

Remember, I lost 9 pounds effortlessly in 21 days.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are having trouble losing weight on the Paleo diet

  • Have tried diet after diet with less than stellar results

  • You eat a clean diet and still can’t lose weight

Wanna lose stubborn weight and take your health back?

Amanda here,

Over the last 3 years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to losing weight.

Here are four strategies that never work to cleanse our liver – yet people always try:

  1. Going on a juice cleanse.  All the gurus say drink this green apple parsley kale green juice all day long for 7 days and your liver will be in amazing health and you’ll lose so much weight.  Here’s the truth, you need protein to support your liver.  Plus all the sugar from all the green juices is hurting your blood sugar.
  2. Going vegan.  Once again you need an adequate amount of protein to support the liver.  I often have to tell my clients to eat a specific amount of protein for their body size.
  3. Eliminating food.  It’s not enough to eat a clean diet.  You need to take specific supplements and make sure you are eating foods that support your liver health.
  4. Going Paleo. Yes, it is great to eat real food and stick to things that are natural, but did you know that too much fat can actually exasperate things and not enough fiber and too much protein can raise your insulin levels contributing to weight gain.

Three Things You Can Start Doing Right Away To Cleanse Your Liver…

  1. Eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.  Eating these types of vegetables help increase fiber and decrease bad estrogens that clog the liver.
  2. Take liver bitters with each meal.  Liver Bitters stimulate bile to get your liver flowing after being stagnant. I recommend the best brand in the Phase II program.
  3. Drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning.  This helps to detox the liver first thing in the morning after the toxins have been working through all night.

Those same simple strategies can work for you too.

   I know, because they’ve worked for hundreds of my clients just like you.

   Your situation is not unique. More importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless.

   The strategies I use have been developed successfully working with clients in all kinds of situations and circumstances.

Here’s How You Can Get Started Saving Your Liver In The Next 10 Minutes.

This Liver and Gut rewire takes you right into Phase II detoxification of the liver. You need specific things to make it to phase II detoxification and a lot of our bodies are lacking in them. We get stuck in Phase I which then just cycles the toxins back into our bodies instead of eliminating them through the liver and the gut.

This causes excess weight, hormonal imbalance, allergies, fatty liver and more. This one stop program will take you through a month long rewire to help you detoxify and get your body’s system moving again.

Cleanse the liver, and heal the gut in this Phase II liver and gut rewire.

Your health starts in your liver and your gut.

What are you waiting for? All you have to lose is excess weight, and health problems holding you back from your life.

Don’t Decide Now… Take the Phase II Course Risk Free With a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Phase II Course comes with a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Do the course and try the strategies risk free. If the strategies and information in the course aren’t helpful to you — we’ll happily refund your money, and you can keep the course.

Just click on the button below to purchase safely with our secure order form.

p.s. You’ll receive my bonus Adrenal Repair Tonic recipe and protocol ($50 value)

It’s $197 regularly but for a limited time I am offering this course for $157

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