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My Everyday Breakfast

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It’s a new year and a chance for a new beginning.  Often people make resolutions to lose weight, get healthy and ultimately to make a lifestyle change. 
My advice to you is to take this year to become
It’s your year to achieve your goals and feel great about yourself.  Just take one step at a time towards what you want in your life.
For the first day of 2012 I slept in 😀 and I started the day off with breakfast.
I often get asked what I eat for breakfast.  A lot people cannot fathom starting their morning without cereal, toast, or a bagel.  Well, I usually eat eggs, veggies (red pepper, yellow pepper and celery) and sometimes cheese or bacon.  MmmmMMmmm bacon.  I personally don’t drink coffee but I LOVE love LOVE green tea!  When I tell people my everyday breakfast they usually gasp and reply “doesn’t that take a lot of time to prepare?”  I guess it takes a little more time than pouring a bowl of cereal but really it only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare.  You could even cut up a couple days worth of veggies the night before.  Just think of the vitamins and minerals you are getting naturally. 
While I’m making breakfast and devouring it I listen to some opera or salsa music.  Josh Groban is one of my favourite opera singers.
Cheers to a new year!
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