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My Digestion Secrets

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I have learned a lot about digestion since starting my gluten-free journey in 2010.

I used to take digestion for granted, but I learned the hard way you need to use some tricks to keep it optimal.

I started to experience a lot of stress. Then, I started to get food sensitivities to everything including eggs, nuts, wine, etc… It was driving me crazy that healthy foods were now giving me bloating, gas, fatigue (find my secret trick for relieving fatigue here), and sometimes even a change in my mood.

I did what most people did and eliminated them from my diet for a while.

Then I took betaine HCI to increase my stomach acid, but it didn’t work.

I tried to heal my leaky gut.  Still, that didn’t stop the increasing food sensitivities and digestion issues I was getting.

After going through my regular doctor, a holistic nutritionist, and an FDN, I started to work with a nutritional balancing practitioner.

She taught me the role that the gallbladder plays in digestion.

You need to keep your gallbladder happy to have great digestion.

How Do You Keep Your Gallbladder Happy?

Eat sour foods with each meal.  This would be raw sauerkraut (recipe here), fresh lemon juice squeezed into hot water or your tea, drinking diluted raw apple cider vinegar, pickles, pickle juice, etc.

Drink less while eating. Drink liquids between meals. Drinks, such as water, while eating will dilute your stomach acid.

Roasted Dandelion Tea. It’s a bitter tea, but I actually love it!  I drink it once a day because it helps to thin your bile.

Beets. Beets will thin your bile.  I usually shred a beet and mix it with a shredded carrot and eat it with my lunch.  You could also drink beet kvass, eat fermented beets, roasted beets, etc.

Try to eat your veggies cooked instead of raw.  Raw vegetables are harder for your body to digest than cooked vegetables.

Enemas/Flushes. I like to do coffee enemas (directions here) and gallbladder flushes, too (but talk to your doctor before doing one and make sure to prep by eating sour foods for a few weeks to soften the stones).  Don’t be grossed out by the coffee enemas.  They are really amazing not only for detoxing but for liver/gallbladder health.  Since starting to do enemas, I have clearer skin, more energy, my digestion is great and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared.

The gallbladder flush pushes out stones that are clogging the bile ducts.  For my first two flushes, I had a 100 small stones come out each flush.  I couldn’t believe it!

Now my digestion is greatly improved!

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