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Free Meditation Course: If You’re Woo You’re Going to Like this!

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Happiness exists where I choose to look for it

I’ve shared some of my woo practices with you. It always makes me feel a little nervous, like will people still like me…

(If you don’t know what “woo” means, it means spiritual)

I really loved sharing the new EFT emotional eating course with you from my EFT therapist a few months ago. A small group of women who heard about the course through me joined the group and participated in the live group sessions. It was amazing!

It gave me the courage to think maybe you’ll like this too!

It’s a meditation series that’s all about creating self love, better health and manifesting more income for yourself. It’s all about stopping your negative self talk and moving on with your life so you can live a better life!!! I found this course life changing and I keep recommending Sharon’s meditations (the creator of the series) to very close friends who want more out of their lives.

You can find the Free Meditation Course here.

When I think of meditation, I used to think of having to sit or lay down and keep my mind completely quiet. I hated it and couldn’t understand why people like this“meditation” stuff.

I had it all wrong. That’s only one way to meditate. Sharon’s course is guided meditation. It was a game changer for me. Guided meditation means you hear Sharon’s gentle voice guiding you towards something. There’s a series of very spiritual meditations and each one has a different purpose.

Long story short, the course transformed me spiritually and changed my self love towards myself. I really LOVED it and check it out here if you’re into woo woo stuff.  I really love Sharon’s paid course called Self Love Alchemy (you can read more about it here).

You can find the Free Meditation Course here.

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