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Did You Ever Consider This as the Cause of Your IBS?

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Did Trauma Cause Your IBS? | Ditch the Wheat

Did you ever notice your health issues started after a traumatic event?

It’s pretty common.

My crystal healing clients tend to have this in common.  Holding onto anger/resentment can cause the body to manifest health issues.  

For example, my IBS started after a trauma event.  I didn’t realize it until a few years ago because I wasn’t connecting the dots.  

Using crystals and EFT helped me release blocked emotions.  It has been very healing not just emotionally but physically too.  

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Crystals for Releasing Trauma 

Here’s the crystals that I like to use and recommend to clients to specifically bring up blocked emotions to be released ***only if they feel they are ready to release these emotions***.  They are very powerful.  You only need to use one.

Apache Tears – This crystal is actually a version of black obsidian.  It’s intense so don’t try to be a superhero and wear it all day.  As soon as you start wearing this crystal you’ll feel memories start to bubble up.  It will be unpleasant.  You might even start to see whatever happened from different perspectives which can be hard to accept.  Try to let the emotions pass through you and not dwell on them.  If it becomes too intense remove the crystal.  

Black Obsidian – This crystal works exactly like apache tears but is even more intense.  Black Obsidian is volcanic glass.  It is formed by nature very fast.  Crystals tend to work exactly how they were formed.  So fast and intense!  Once you have released the emotions you want to, you need to stop wearing it because it can cause depression if worn too often.  

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You can pair any of these crystals with rose quartz to make releasing the blocked emotions more gentle.  Program the rose quartz to help you see everything through a filter of love.  

You can use any other crystal to help you release blocked emotions, it just takes longer and will be more gentle.  Whereas the crystals listed help you release faster.  It’s up to you what feels best.  

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