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Book Review – Nourished Baby by Heather Dessinger

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Do You Know Children That Won’t Eat Anything But

Goldfish, Fries And Chicken Nuggets?

Heather knows why!  Heather Dessinger is the author of Nourished Baby.  I was given the opportunity to review her book.  Oh boy do I love this book.  Pssst page 15 of the book explains why it’s not your baby’s fault they are finicky eaters.  Their gut bacteria provokes them to craving goldfish.  She goes on to explain:

It’s simple, really. When a child’s gut is populated with pathogenic bacteria they lose the ability to digest food properly. Instead of breaking down and traveling throughout the body to nourish cells, it rots in the gut through a process called alcoholic fermentation. As in . . . beer.

That’s right, improperly digested sugars and carbs turn to alcohol in the body while improperly digested grains convert to gluteomorphins and milk products convert to casomorphins. If you’re thinking that “morphin” seems very similar to “morphine,” you’re right. When properly broken down but a well-functioning digestive system these substances are beneficial, but in a digestive tract overrun by unhealthy gut flora they can act like opiates such as morphine and heroin.

Say, for example, that a child with an overgrowth of Candida (the fungus behind the dreaded thrush) eats a bag of corn chips. First, they’ll feel a surge of “feel good” chemicals as the candida converts the carbs to alcohol. Then as soon as their little bodies have made the connection between this food and the “feel good” state, it will begin to demand it on a more regular basis, thus beginning a cycle where they crave the very foods that cause them harm.

I just loved that snippet from the book.  All of my friends with babies complain their children will only eat junk food.  Now you and I have know the answer.

I love how Heather goes through in detail what to eat while you are pregnant, what to feed your baby, how long to breastfeed and with each section she provides her personal experience.  It’s like having the diary of a pregnancy guru with you.

I bet you didn’t know this fact given on page 38:

There is one more obstacle to making sure babies have adequate iron stores: immediate cord clamping after birth. According to the British Medical Journal, waiting for at least three minutes to clamp the umbilical cord following birth improves a baby’s iron levels at four months. Children whose healthcare providers wait to cut the cord experience numerous benefits, including an infusion of 1-2 months worth of iron (27-47 mg) and a blood volume increase of 25-40% over babies whose cords were cut right away.

This is just one of the many examples Heather gives for providing your baby with a head start in life.

Also, the book contains 40 recipes!!!  From how to make coconut butter to how to make homemade sour patch candy.  I want to try the fermented food recipes.  Below are a few more recipes she shares:

  • Gluten Free Banana Walnut Muffins
  • Honey Cinnamon Crackers
  • Lacto-Fermented Salsa
  • Chicken Korma

If you want even more advice on this topic follow Heather over at her blog, Mommypotamus.

Buy the book.  It’ll be a great reference for guiding you through pregnancy, a child’s first couple of years, or even get it for the recipes.

Click here to buy the book


Disclosure: I was given the book for free to provide a review.  If you purchase through my site I will be provided with a commission.  All views expressed are mine.

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