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6 Ways to Save While Buying Organic

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This is a week of guest posts by my friends.  They are helping me out while I am in the process of moving.  Let me introduce you to Sarah from Momma’s Green Project!

Sarah from Green Mommas

Sarah from Green Mommas

One of the biggest challenges I face when going to the grocery store is being able to choose organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, and everything in between, and still stay on budget for the month. There are many health benefits to eating organic foods.

  • Lack of chemical fertilizers

  • Natural pesticide sprays

  • Environmentally-generated plant killing compounds

  • Animals are fed organic feeds with access to the outdoors

This list can go on and on to highlight be benefits of organics food and why we should be eating them instead of conventional items. But what about the cost? How do we combat the increase in our food bill that tends to come from higher priced organic foods?

I’ve done some shopping and some researching and found there are a number of ways we can save some money and still buy organic foods.

  1. Coupons! There are many organic food items that produce coupons. You can find coupons in your local newspapers (check for Red Plum or Smart Source), on items you buy, “peelies” (coupons near the items in the sore), writing to the companies (tell them how much you love their products), among other places.

  2. Take advantage of the BOGO. Buy One, Get One Free offers are an excellent way to save money. Organic food don’t go on sale very often but when they do take advantage. Keep your eyes open to the sales flyers store put out each week and plan ahead. If you can, stock up on relatively non-perishable items like canned goods, and you can even freeze or do come of your own canning.

  3. Buy local. Local foods bring more benefits than just saving you money. Keep your money in your local community by supporting the products farmers and suppliers have to offer. The lack of major shipping costs help drive down the price of locally grow and produced organic foods.

  4. Buy organic foods that are currently in season. Not only does the lack of shipping lower the cost but the higher supply of in-season items lowers the price as well.

  5. Store rewards cards help save in a different way. If the local grocery store in your community has a rewards card, it is a great idea to sign up. Some stores offer discounts on gas, your next grocery bill, or other offers. While you may not save money on a particular item you are buying, you will save money in the long on another item.

  6. Join a CSA. Community Sharing Agriculture programs make it easy to save money and buy organic foods from local farmers. For a monthly fee, paid directly to the farm, you will receive a weekly box of food that may include, fruits, vegetables, meats, and even dairy.

You know that buying organic foods is a healthy choice for your family and important to your local community. With the rise of food prices continuing, don’t let yourself compromise what is important to you. There is a way to buy organic foods without breaking the bank.

Happy and Healthy Saving!


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