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Cookware: Ten Steps to Love your Cast Iron Cookware

Cookware is important in your kitchen.  Choosing the correct cookware will help you achieve better results and in some cases improve your health.  This post began because I wanted a healthy alternative to my usual Teflon frying pan.  I lovingly embraced two small cast iron pans into my life.  I immediately started cooking with these new hunks of metal.  If only I knew what I was truly in for.

I was in for lots of frustration.  Food sticks to these pans.  The handles are hot to the touch.  Cleaning up is a pain.  The cast iron cookware doesn’t go in the dishwasher.  You need to wash it by hand and lovingly scrub off all of the food that stuck to it.  My joy of owning two pieces of cast iron cookware was slowly diminishing.

I didn’t do my homework.  It is possible to make cast iron cookware your friend again.

Cookware: Cast Iron Cookware Guide to Love

  1. When you first purchase your pan, wash it with warm soapy water.
  2. Season your pan!  Warm your oven to 200 degrees F.  Wipe your preferred oil (lard, bacon fat, etc) all over you pan, inside and out.  Lay the pan on a cookie sheet.  Put the pan in the oven for two hours.  This allows the pores of the metal to open and the fat to enter.  Take the cookware out of the oven (using gloves since it will be hot!) and wipe off any excess oil.
  3. When you cook with the cast iron pans cook over low heat.  These pans absorb a lot of heat.  Keeping the temperature low will help avoid damage.
  4. Cleaning the cookware.  There are two methods to clean cast iron pans.
    1. The first cleaning option is to wipe off the entire cooking residue.  That’s all you would do to clean it.
    2. The second option is using a gentle soap and warm water and wiping off the cooking residue.  Do not submerge the pan into water.  Dry off the cookware and place it over a burner turned to low heat.  This will thoroughly dry out the pan.  Water is not cast iron’s friend.  If you feel you need to restore some of the seasoning, put a little oil on the pan and continue heating it over the burner for a few minutes.
    3. Never put any cast iron cookware in the dishwasher.
  5. If you still don’t love your cookware you can start using it as weights in your fitness routine.
  6. Never put cold water in a hot cast iron pan.  This can cause it to crack or warp.
  7. Buy the cookware in multiple sizes.  ProCook has a great selection of cookware. It’s a pain to cook one egg in a large skillet.
  8. Use cooking utensils that will prevent scratching.
  9. Do not store food in cast iron cookware.  It is not meant for this.
  10. Remember this is for your health.

Cookware: A video on how to Season your Cast Iron Cookware

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If you find that your cast iron cookware is no longer providing a non-stick surface and/or is rusting.  You must remove the rust spots by gently scrubbing them off.  Go through the steps to season your pan again.

What cookware advice would you add?


This post was donated by ProCook.

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