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How to Eat Gluten-Free at Parties

Don’t let your food allergy or sensitivity change the way you celebrate during the holidays. There are ways to navigate around food at this time of year or at any party, and still have fun and enjoy yourself.  I’m going to show you how to eat gluten-free at parties!!! Whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free,…

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8 Sneak Peek Recipes from the Ditch the Wheat cookbook!!!

Paleo Bread

When I was done writing the Ditch the Wheat cookbook I thought oh sh** now I have to get word out about my book!!!  I was burned out!  I’m still burned out and saving my pennies for a vacation.  It’s scary to think you’ve spent so much time on a project and now you could…

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The Ditch the Wheat cookbook is now a Globe & Mail Bestseller!!!!!

Ditch the Wheat Bestseller's List

I have lots of BIG NEWS to share with you!!!!! I am now officially an international bestselling author!!!! On Monday March 21st, Susan, who handles PR for my publisher let me know the Ditch the Wheat cookbook made the Globe & Mail Bestseller’s list!!!!! It was a total shock to me. Thank you Canadians for…

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Paleo Matzo Balls (Potato Kneidlach)

paleo matzo balls

The holidays can be a tough time to eat gluten-free.  Traditional foods suddenly become off limit.  It’s really frustrating!!!  I used to look forward to stuffing on Thanksgiving and all the cookies over Christmas time.  It took me awhile to learn how to make the gluten-free versions.  Now I just buy gluten-free bread to make…

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Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have the 3 winners for the exclusive advance copies of the Ditch the Wheat cookbook.  The cookbook releases Feb 23rd, 2016 and you can find it on Amazon here. 1.  @ashleylisa1015 from Instagram 2.  Janet Lund from Facebook 3.  Pam Bastian from Facebook ***I have contacted all of the winners.  Some desserts…

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How to Save 25-50% on Your Paleo Baking & Cooking Ingredients

Farmers Market in Nashville

The number one complaint I hear from readers is that eating Paleo is too expensive.  I don’t blame them for thinking that.  I see newbies immediately post pictures of their grocery store haul and it looks a little something like this… Bacon, grass-fed beef burgers, Larabars, Honeyville Almond Flour, pre-chopped fresh organic fruits & vegetables,…

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Things I’m Loving

Things I'm Loving //

I can’t get enough of these things!!!! Chopped ~ I’ve been obsessed with this show and Cutthroat Kitchen comes in a close second.  I feel Chopped has the best judges.  They have the right blend of food snobbery and appreciation for creativity. Tyler Florence’s Instagram Account ~ This man is a culinary genius.  I would…

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Paleo Teriyaki Stackers Recipe – Frugal Paleo Cookbook Review

Paleo Teriyaki Stackers

Our family loves burgers! But just a single patty on a plate is boring. Let’s stack on the flavor—literally. Lightly grilled red onion and thick pineapple slices under a grass-fed burger packed with classic Asian ingredients—plus a quick and easy 3-ingredient Teriyaki sauce on the side for dipping—make each bite a mouthful of anything but…

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Bacon Spinach Dip with Steamed Artichokes (PREVIEW FROM THE GRAIN-FREE SNACKER)

Bacon Spinach Dip

Here’s another sneak peek recipe from my upcoming digital cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker. The cookbook contains a variety of sweet and savoury snacks.  This is one of my favourite savoury appetizers.  I love munching on this on a Friday night while watching a romantic comedy on Netflix. This dip is amazing! I originally planned on…

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Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Cookie Icing (Preview from The Grain-Free Snacker)

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Here’s another sneak peek recipe from my digital cookbook, The Grain-Free Snacker.  I adore cupcakes.  This cupcake is made with coconut flour (my favourite grain-free flour). I love using coconut flour as the base of my grain-free cupcakes and muffins.  The texture is amazing if you use the correct ratios. These cupcakes will remind you…

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Do you have leaky gut? Take this quiz to find out (+ Giveaway valued at $297)

For this month’s giveaway I was originally going to offer you the same thing as always but instead of giving you the chance to win something pretty for your kitchen I’m going to change your life. I took this leaky gut quiz and it has provided a huge wake up call for me. What would…

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Join My Team! Job Post for a Virtual Assistant

Last year I had a wonderful assistant and in January she had to leave her position due to her health.  I really miss her help meeting the needs of the Ditch The Wheat community.  Ever since then I’ve been struggling to handle it all. I am seeking a virtual assistant to join my team.  You…

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