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Pan-Fried Resistant Starch Potatoes with Paprika and Onions

Pan-Fried Resistant Starch Potatoes

I am loving how easy life has gotten since I got more into batch cooking.  Let me give you a sneak peak into my batch cooking process…Roughly once a week, I cook a whole chicken (I use the chicken meat to add to salads, fried faux rice etc.), and I boil almost a whole bag…

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Resistant Starch Potatoes – What’s the Deal with Resistant Starch & How to Create It

Resistant Starch

It all started when my friend Caitlin Weeks told me I had to read this article about resistant starch and thus began my journey into…gas land? I bought Bob Mill’s Potato Starch asap because I was like this stuff will make me skinnier and be nourishing for my body, I’m in!  I took a teaspoon…

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