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Grain Free Coffee Cake Muffins with Raspberry Jam Filling

Coffee Cake Muffins

I recently did a guest post for my friend Amber from Paleo Savvy.  I made this really cute grain free muffin with a coffee cake streusel and raspberry jam filling.  Originally I was aiming for a doughnut that was raspberry filled but all of my attempts didn’t make a doughnut that was worthy of sharing. …

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How to Cut Carbs in Jam by 50%

Chia seeds can be used to reduce anything.  They can be used to reduce fat in a recipe, replace eggs, reduce calories, reduce carbs, and add omega 3 fatty acids.   You probably thought they were just for chia pets!  For this experiment I used chia seeds to reduce the carbs in my jam.  Jam is…

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Berry “Cookie” Danishes

I love danishes!  It combines my favourite tastes: flaky puff pastry, cream cheese and berries all wrapped in one beautiful package.  I felt it was only fitting to make it the subject of my first recipe post. These danishes are not fluffy and flaky like your regular danishes.  When you first bite into one your…

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