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Thoughts on Happiness

I wrote something on my personal FB page I wanted to share with you. This year I’ve been learning the lesson of happiness. I always used to tell myself these stories – I’ll be happy when I have my own business, I’ll be happy when I’m with my soulmate, I’ll be happy when…. Then you…

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Food Swaps I Have Made Over The Years

Carol Lovett

I wanted to share with you the things in my diet that I have changed that might help you bring peace of mind to your diet.  Often I see friends and people in the Paleo sphere treating Paleo like it’s a food religion.  I used to be there.  First I did that with the Atkins…

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Free Meditation Course: If You’re Woo You’re Going to Like this!

I’ve shared some of my woo practices with you. It always makes me feel a little nervous, like will people still like me… (If you don’t know what “woo” means, it means spiritual) I really loved sharing the new EFT emotional eating course with you from my EFT therapist a few months ago. A small…

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All Natural Homemade Mascara and other Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade Mascara

Are your eyes red, itchy and dry?  Do you think you could benefit from homemade mascara that works? Robin from Thank Your Body has made a DIY ebook that covers the ins and outs on how to conquer your fear of making homemade beauty products and home cleaners, all in one beautiful ebook called, Toxic…

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The world is ending, so let’s eat cake!

I’ve been working on a dessert cookbook for six months.  I wanted to give you a product that was high quality.  I took my time to craft something that contained a few classics like macaroons but I also dived into recipes that I am known for: easy to make, innovative, and mostly budget friendly. I…

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The Fit It, have you heard?

I find it inspiring to look at pictures.  Sometimes it is pictures of food (mMMmm), sometimes babies (so cute, I want one), puppies dogs fall into this category too, heroes and finally fitness pictures.  One picture can say 1000 words in one glance.  The image can provoke an action powerful enough to change your life. …

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10 Questions with Karen from Living Low Carb…One Day at a Time

Have you heard of Living Low Carb…One Day at a Time?  If not where have you been?  This is an amazing blog that features low carb recipes.  Karen is the mastermind behind Living Low Carb…One Day at a Time.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her.  Without further ado here is 10 questions with Karen…

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Winner Announcement for Eco-Me Family Pack Giveaway – $25 Value

GMO’s are a HOT HOT HOT topic.  Mark Sisson blogged about them a few days ago in a post titled, Should You Worry About Genetically Modified Food?  Read the article for his thoughts. The Yes on Prop 37 Campaign in California is important because of it’s focus on getting GMO foods labelled.  If Prop 37…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

I have A LOT of pictures to share with you!!!  I made them into collages to help with downloading time. The first day I arrived in the morning.  I walked around the town of Cambridge, where Harvard is located.  Ohhhh I saw the most beautiful homes.  White picket fences, brick sidewalks, gorgeous homes….I want to…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012! Day 4 (Officially)

Hi Everyone!  Here is a quick video I made on the last day around 1am at night!  I just arrived to the hotel after an evening of fun at the Barefoot Banquet and an after party at a local pub. I felt the presentations on the last day were the best.  I’ll write more about…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012! Day 2 (Officially)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday!  Yesterday was sooo busy.  I saw Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore, Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple), Diane from Balanced Bites, Dallas & Melissa (Whole9), Bill & Hayley from Make it Paleo, George from the Civilized Cavemen, Dana Carpender (Hold The Toast), Nom Nom Paleo, Terry Walhs, and Andreas Eenfeldt (The Diet…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 – Day 1 (Unofficially)

Hi!  Thursday is the first day of the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012.  It is being held in Boston at Harvard!!!  I’m going to be there to share the event with you.  Right now, since it is sooo much cheaper I’m flying out of Buffalo, New York.  I’m staying in a motel overnight and taking the…

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