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The world is ending, so let’s eat cake!

I’ve been working on a dessert cookbook for six months.  I wanted to give you a product that was high quality.  I took my time to craft something that contained a few classics like macaroons but I also dived into recipes that I am known for: easy to make, innovative, and mostly budget friendly. I…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

I have A LOT of pictures to share with you!!!  I made them into collages to help with downloading time. The first day I arrived in the morning.  I walked around the town of Cambridge, where Harvard is located.  Ohhhh I saw the most beautiful homes.  White picket fences, brick sidewalks, gorgeous homes….I want to…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012! Day 4 (Officially)

Hi Everyone!  Here is a quick video I made on the last day around 1am at night!  I just arrived to the hotel after an evening of fun at the Barefoot Banquet and an after party at a local pub. I felt the presentations on the last day were the best.  I’ll write more about…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012! Day 2 (Officially)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday!  Yesterday was sooo busy.  I saw Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore, Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple), Diane from Balanced Bites, Dallas & Melissa (Whole9), Bill & Hayley from Make it Paleo, George from the Civilized Cavemen, Dana Carpender (Hold The Toast), Nom Nom Paleo, Terry Walhs, and Andreas Eenfeldt (The Diet…

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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 – Day 1 (Unofficially)

Hi!  Thursday is the first day of the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012.  It is being held in Boston at Harvard!!!  I’m going to be there to share the event with you.  Right now, since it is sooo much cheaper I’m flying out of Buffalo, New York.  I’m staying in a motel overnight and taking the…

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How to Dry Herbs

My friend, Vicky, gave me some herbs.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them at first.  I received sage, oregano, and mint.  This was my first time tasting fresh mint and it is strong!  Actually, all of the herbs have a very intense flavour.  I decided to dry the herbs.  I didn’t want them…

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My Experience with Grass Fed Beef

On July 12th I had my first taste of grass fed beef!  Just getting the beef was an adventure.  I did a lot of research on local farms, and grass fed beef too.  I discovered a vendor that was within driving distance.  I emailed the farmer, got a quote on prices, and was surprised to…

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Kombucha Adventure


I just had a drink of kombucha and it tasted nothing like what I expected.  It tasted wonderful, fizzy, pop like, full of flavour….it didn’t taste like the gross cloudy juice with what looks like mold growing in the bottom would taste like. Kombucha is growing in popularity.  It’s a huge trend.  The idea of…

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My Interview on Paleo Diet News

I was recently contacted by Jim at Paleo Diet News.  He wanted to interview me about my story, Ditch The Wheat, and tips for readers & viewers.  I was so excited to do it.  It was my first video interview and it was a lot of fun.  My hardest part was finding a peaceful, quiet,…

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BOOK REVIEW – Secret’s to Controlling your Weight, Cravings and Mood by Maria Emmerich


I recently finished reading Maria Emmerich’s book, Secrets to Controlling your Weight, Cravings & Mood.  I love Maria’s blog, and I religiously read all of her posts.  I’m little bias towards Maria and her words of wisdom.  I bought the kindle version her book for $9.99.  Since then I’ve been on a kindle book buying…

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Avocado “Happy Hour” Salsa

Summer is here!!!!  That means burgers, burgers, and more burgers!  I don’t eat my burger with a bun anymore but if you do check out my recipe for hamburger buns.  Instead I get creative with my burger toppings. I do… The Traditional: Bacon Lettuce Tomato Onion Gourmet: Caramelized onions Sautéed mushrooms Bacon And now my…

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BOOK REVIEW – The Paleo Diet and Make it Paleo

My sister in-law, a librarian, lent me a cookbook a few weeks ago.  I was super excited and it was The Paleo Diet Cookbook by Loren Cordain.  As I read it, my excitement turned to disappointment.  Mr. Cordain shared a lot of recipes but not realistic recipes you and I would want to make.  His…

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