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Rootz Workout Drink Giveaway ($109.98 Value)

How much thought do you put into your workouts? If you’re like me I’m too focused on just getting through the workout to think about anything else. What if I told you there was a way to feel more energized going into your workout and a way to feel great afterwards that is good for…

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Is it Safe to go Grain-Free During Pregnancy?

Grain-Free During Pregnancy

One of my specialties is prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes, and I have heard so much controversy on whether or not it’s safe to ditch the wheat (or grains altogether) during pregnancy. 

 Personally, I believe it is (and many times offers benefits) as long as you are eating a real food, nutrient-dense diet. I’m…

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VGN End of Summer Bundle

Village Green Network, which I am a member of, is offering an end of summer bundle (read more info here).  This is your chance to collect numerous ebooks for dollars (kinda crazy because most of them sell for $20+).  Great reading while the kids are away at school. What You’ll Learn from this Bundle I…

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How to Bake Better Series: Grain Free Baking Tips

Grain Free Baking Tips

I have a slew of baking recipes to post on the blog but first I wanted to make sure you know some basic baking techniques.  I did not invent these techniques.  They have been used in baking for a long time and are used for a reason.  A lot of paleo bloggers often write recipes…

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How to Grow Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir Grains

I was curious about how to make water kefir but first I had to tackle how to grow water kefir grains.  Did you know you can ferment water?  It’s mind blowing, I know!  My fermenting adventures have taken me from raw sauerkraut to kombucha (post coming soon) and now to water kefir.  To make water…

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DIY Toothpaste Recipe

DIY Toothpaste

I thought it would be neat to try to make my own toothpaste.  I didn’t have high hopes for a DIY toothpaste recipe.  I thought how clean could baking soda plus peppermint make my teeth?  I’ve made this recipe twice and stopped buying store bought toothpaste.   Here is my version from DIY Natural’s toothpaste recipe.…

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Grain Free Herbed Biscuits – A Lesson in Converting Regular Recipes to Coconut Flour Versions

Grain Free Herbed Biscuits

My friend Starlene wrote this wonderful book called, Baking with Coconut Flour.  This book is amazing and will appeal to anyone who is an avid baker.  Baking with Coconut Flour walks you through the process of switching a regular recipe to a coconut flour version.  Coconut flour is like flour that has PMS all the…

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Spicy Fermented Garlic, the First of many Fermenting Experiments

Spicy Fermented Garlic

How many of you are confident in your fermenting abilities?  I’m slowly getting there.  I still use Real Food Fermentation as my guide and I refer to other people’s recipes.  So far my fermenting adventures have resulted in one win and one moldy mess. Beet Kvass, I’ll try you again another day. My father gave…

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Reserve Your Free Spot at the Healthy Life Summit

I got the scoop on a free online conference that I am really excited about and I feel you will be too. This FREE online conference takes place March 24-30, 2013. Listen to 35 of your favorite health experts, authors, doctors, bloggers, farmers and activists from the comfort of your own couch! The line-up of…

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Spaghetti Squash Tutorial – Learn how to Make Grain Free Spaghetti for Dinner

Spaghetti Squash Tutorial

I’ve heard of replacing spaghetti with spaghetti squash since I started eating gluten free.  As someone who never enjoyed pasta, I never tried making spaghetti squash.  A while ago, I was walking around the grocery store and saw spaghetti squash.  It’s a small yellow squash.  I never noticed it before but then again I never…

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Free Beautiful Babies Course ($199 value) with the Pre-Order of a Book

True or false: The way you eat when you are pregnant with your child will result in either giving your child a wide face with high cheekbones or a narrow face without enough room for all his teeth or tonsils? The answer is true.  If you struggled with that answer you need to brush up…

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All Natural Homemade Mascara and other Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade Mascara

Are your eyes red, itchy and dry?  Do you think you could benefit from homemade mascara that works? Robin from Thank Your Body has made a DIY ebook that covers the ins and outs on how to conquer your fear of making homemade beauty products and home cleaners, all in one beautiful ebook called, Toxic…

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