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Aspartame Free & Loving It!

I’ve been aspartame free for almost a month!  I think everyone knows by now that aspartame is not good for you.  Yet it’s in everything: pop, toothpaste, gum…  I don’t drink pop.  I’ve never been a pop drinker.  I really hate the fizzy drink taste.  I’m a water/wine girl.  Switching to a different pop was unnecessary.

ü  Pop
The whole aspartame free thing first started when I was Christmas shopping.   I was in a department store carefully searching for amazing gifts for my three brothers and their significant others.  I came across toothpaste by the brand Tom’s of Maine.  I was intrigued.  All natural toothpaste that fights cavities, whitens teeth, and has a peppermint flavour.  I was not aware natural toothpaste could boost of so many benefits.  I had always stayed away from “natural” products for the body because years ago I had a hippie type friend who was into all of that.  I just couldn’t help but be turned off by the “natural” deodorant….  She exhibited a lifestyle I had no desire to join.
When I saw the toothpaste I didn’t immediately jump to buy it.  All those memories flooded my mind.  I walked away from the product and bought some gifts.  A small fire pit that fits on a deck, a cozy blanket, and other items suited for “a romantic night in” theme for my oldest brother and his girlfriend.  The toothpaste tugged at my mind.  I went back to the toothpaste shelf.  The store was selling it at a discount, half price.  This wasn’t exactly comforting.  Maybe they are selling it at half price because no one likes it?  Your breath will stink?  My dentist will hand me a huge bill because I ruined my perfect teeth?  I walked away again. 

I was on my way to the cash register when I thought “I might as well try it.  If not it’s just $3 I’m wasting”.  I bought the Tom’s of Maine Natural Whole Care Anticavity & Tartar Control plus Whitening toothpaste, peppermint flavour.  I used it and I actually liked it.  Since then I have switched to Tom’s of Maine Simply White Fluoride-Free Natural toothpaste, peppermint flavour.
ü  Toothpaste
Now I just had to switch my gum to an aspartame free brand.  This was hard!!!  I expected to be able to find aspartame free gum in regular stores like Wal-Mart, my local grocery store, maybe even a convenience store.  NOPE!  It doesn’t exist around here.  I had to go to a health food store and pay a hefty premium for a pack of 9 pieces of gum by Pur Spearmint Gum!  After a few weeks of being 100% aspartame free I noticed I felt calmer, and my headaches, which have been a constant pain for over a decade with many visits to specialists, reduced significantly.  They originally reduced drastically when I started eating low carb.  But I was still plagued with headaches just not to the same degree. 
ü  Gum
I was out of gumL recently.  I am addicted to chewing gum.  It is my guilty pleasure.  My co-worker gave me a piece of gum.  My headache reappeared.  Coincident, I think not.
Have you tried going aspartame free?  What are your thoughts on it?

One Response to Aspartame Free & Loving It!

  1. Jenny September 26 at 3:31 pm #

    I went aspartame free about 11 years ago. After 20 years of consuming diet drinks I suddenly started having severe allergic reactions to something. I was told it was a food allergy. I kept a food journal. After months of eliminating different foods, and still having my reactions (awful hives, face, lips and tongue swelling, profuse sweating, vomiting and diarrhea), I was no closer to figuring out what was wrong than the day I started. Then my mom emailed me an article about the dangers of aspartame. I stopped drinking diet drinks and immediately stopped having my reactions! About a year later my lovely sister-in-law (sarcasm) slipped me a diet orange soda. 45 minutes later I was laid out on her bathroom floor. How can they continue to sell this poison?